The Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office mission is to preserve the culture and history of the Osage Nation and to share that knowledge with the Osage people. For those interested in learning more about the Osage Nation, below are some additional resources available.

Research Projects:
The ONHPO does provide information for researchers interested in the Osage Nation’s prehistoric and historic past. For any inquiries that cannot be answered after review of the Culture History subpage, please contact our office with specific research questions at

For high-level research projects, (graduate thesis, dissertation, publications, etc.) please contact the Historic Preservation Office to request our Research Procedures to ensure no intellectual property rights of the Osage Nation are violated. If unsure that your project qualifies, please contact us at or call our office directly at 918-287-5328.

*The ONHPO does not perform genealogical research.

The ONHPO coordinates with the Osage Nation Museum on a regular basis. The ONHPO suggests those interested is Osage Nation culture and history visit the United States’ oldest tribal museum in person or online at Osage Nation Museum.

Osage Language:
Any questions regarding the modern Osage language or orthography can be addressed by contacting the Osage Language Department at Osage Nation Language Department.

State Historic Preservation Offices:
The ONHPO deals with multiple agencies as a Tribal Historic Preservation Office. The state-level equivalents also have additional preservation information available for each state. To find contact information for each state office, visit the Directory of the National Conference of SHPOs.

Osage Nation Constituents:
Osage Nation Constituents with any questions not addressed here can call theOsage Nation Constituent Servicesline at 918-287-5555 or visit them online for more help.