Tax Commission

Founding Authority

The Tax Commission administers the vehicle registration program, business licensing and various tax programs. As a revenue-generating department, the Tax Commission must balance revenue and expenses; as such, our main goal is maximizing revenue and safe tribal member utility to benefit the Nation.

Section 2. Purpose

It is necessary to strengthen the government of the Osage Nation of Indians by exercising the specific grant of authority contained in Act of June 28, 1906, 34 Stat. 539, as amended, and interpreted by subsequent judicial decisions, to levy and collect taxes, to license and regulate certain conduct within the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation, to provide financing for the current expenses of the Osage government, and to provide financing for the expansion of Osage government operations and services in order for the Osage Nation to efficiently and effectively exercise its confirmed, inherent sovereignty and governmental responsibilities within the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation. The purpose of the Act is to provide simple, fair, straightforward, and efficient procedures for the levy and collection of certain taxes as well as the licensing and regulation of certain conduct.

Contact Information

Jennifer Oberly
Director of Tax Commission, Jennifer Oberly

Mailing Address: 627 Grandview Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056
Physical Address: 239 W 12TH St, Pawhuska, OK 74056

Phone: 918-287-5393
Fax: 918-287-5503





Operating Hours – Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.   (Check website calendar for holiday closures



Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to have an appointment?

No, an appointment is not required, we are accepting walk-ins.

Are you closed for lunch?

No, we do not close down for lunch, someone is always in the office.

Can I renew my vehicle online?

No, but we have several options to utilize. You can come into the office, use the outside drop box located at the front door of the welcome center, use the indoor drop box located inside the welcome center, or you may submit everything through the mail.

• Can I email or fax you documents to be processed?

We do not take any documentation over fax due to poor quality. We will accept supporting documentation such as insurance verification through email if you are renewing in person and do not have access to a printer.

Do you accept payments over the phone?

No we do not, the payment must be processed through the mail or in person.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, credit or debit card, money order or check.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, the Osage Nation is on a mask mandate for all employees and customers.

My Oklahoma Driver’s License is expired, will you still accept it?

No, your DL must be up to date to in order to renew a vehicle or for new registration.

What is a decal?

A decal is the yearly sticker that you receive each year when you renew your vehicle.

If I want to mail my New Vehicle Registration documents to you, what all do I need to send?
  • We will need the New Vehicle Registration form signed and notarized by the Osage Member.
  • Original Title Document (we do not accept copies or certified copies of titles)
  • Any additional paperwork that came along with the title we will need, such as an Odometer Reading, Bill of Sale, Lien Release or Lien Entry.
  • A copy of the Osage Member’s Oklahoma Driver’s License
  • A copy of the Osage Member’s Membership Card (not CDIB card)
  • A current copy of the Insurance for the Vehicle
Where do I sign at on the New Vehicle Registration Form?

The Osage Member will sign where it says “Owner or Legal Agent”, date it and the signature will need to be notarized. That is all that the Osage Member will do, the rest of the form is for Osage Nation Tax Commission to complete.

How do I get a Duplicate Title and how much will it be?

We have a Duplicate Title Form that will need to be filled out, signed and notarized. If the vehicle is up to date the cost will be $10.00 to receive a Duplicate Title.

Important Documents