Wahzhazhe Communications

Wahzhazhe Communications, the Osage Nation Communications Department, supports internal and external communications needs and initiatives for the Osage Nation. The team strives to be a voice for Osage constituents, employees, departments, programs, and tribal leaders, focusing on positively impacting Osage and Osage community members. Wahzhazhe Communications shapes and amplifies the Nation’s identity to promote and protect tribal sovereignty. 

Team members provide many services, including coordinating media interviews, video production, photography, graphic design, marketing materials, event planning, writing and distributing press releases/web articles, and managing Osage Nation's social media platforms. 

Wahzhazhe Communications is Osage Nation's first touchpoint for any/all media inquiries. To fill out a media request, click here. 

Media Inquiries: @email 


Skyler Ammons, Audio Visual Production Specialist 

Dena Cosby, Communications Coordinator

Henry Gray, Web & Social Media Content Specialist 

Abby Mashunkashey, Director of Communications

Russ Tallchief, Content Manager 

Kelsey Zaun, Senior Graphic Designer 


  • Osage Nation Website: osagenation-nsn.gov 
    • This is the Osage Nation Government website, which contains any/all governmental information from the three Osage Nation branches of government: Executive Branch, Congress, and Judicial Branch, as well as information about the Osage Nation Minerals Council. It also includes information about Osage Nation services, programs, departments, upcoming events, and news. 
  • Osage Culture Website: osageculture.com 
    • The Osage Nation Culture website is focused on sharing, preserving, and celebrating the values, teachings and tribal ways that Osage elders entrusted to the present and future generations. The site includes cultural and language educational tools, including videos, a dictionary, and class information. Visitors who are planning on visiting the Osage Reservation can also find information about the Osage Nation Museum and Visitor’s Center
  • Osage Nation Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn 
    • Osage Nation uses a variety of social media outlets to communicate with constituents. Osages around the world can stay connected with news and information, as well as cultural and language highlights. 
  • Osage Nation Podcast: Wahzhazhe, the Official Language & Culture Podcast of Osage Nation
    • This podcast is focused on sharing, preserving and celebrating the values, teachings and tribal ways of the Wahzhazhe people. Hosts Tom Ashmore and Abby Mashunkashey speak with Osage Nation culture and language leaders in order to educate listeners with ways to connect and engage with Osage language and culture. Find it wherever you get your podcasts. 
  • Wahzhazhe E-Newsletter 
    • The Wahzhazhe E-Newsletter is a new initiative for Osage Nation as an additional tool to connect with Osage constituents. Click here to sign up!