Duties and Responsibilities

Attorney General Clinton N. Patterson is the legal counsel for the Osage Nation and is charged by the Office of the Attorney General Act, 15 ONC § 3-101 et seq., to:

  • Defend and enforce the laws and Constitution of the Osage Nation
  • Prosecute violations of Osage Nation law
  • Represent the legal interests of the Osage Nation

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Office of the Attorney General serves as legal counsel to all departments and offices of the Osage Nation government, issues legal opinions when requested by the Principal Chief or Speaker of the Congress, and defends challenges to Osage Nation laws and suits against the Nation. The Office is committed to upholding and protecting the sovereign immunity of the Nation.

Although the Attorney General is prohibited from offering legal advice or representing private individual members, she serves and protects the rights of all members of the Osage Nation by prosecuting violations of Osage Nation law to the fullest extent and administering fair and impartial justice. The Attorney General has the authority to institute civil actions against and prosecute any Osage Nation officer, employee, or board or commission member for violations of Osage Nation law in connection with their performance of their official duties. The Attorney General is also charged with protecting our Osage children by representing the Nation in all Indian Child Welfare and social services matters.

The Opinions of the Attorney General are public information and are available on the Osage Nation website.

The Office of the Attorney General is committed to serving our Osage people. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. Contact information is available in the sidebar on this page, as well as on this website's contact page.