Roads Department


The Osage Nation Roads Department ensures that all transportation-related issues within the Osage boundaries are addressed and that Osage Nation Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) funds are distributed in a way that best serves the needs of the Osage Nation, Osage Tribal Members, and all other residents that live or travel within those boundaries. The Osage Nation Roads Department is responsible for communicating with federal, state, county, and other local officials to ensure that collaboration between the different entities is taking place, efforts are maximized, and the safety and well-being of travelers within those boundaries are addressed. The Osage Nation Roads Department must be familiar with federal regulations pertaining to TTP to ensure that the Osage Nation is maximizing its funding potential while operating in such a way that meets all federal codes and regulations and is not repugnant of the Osage Nation Constitution.

Contact Information

Roads Department Director: Justin Carr

Director of Road Department, Justin Carr
Director of Roads Department, Justin Carr

Phone: 918-287-5204
Fax: 918-287-5565

Physical Address: 1420 West Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056
Mailing Address: 627 Grandview Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056







Please feel free to review our Transportation Improvement Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan, listed below. Please feel free to send comments to Roads Department Planner, Harold LaSarge.