Law Enforcement Department

In an emergency, please dial 911

Chief of ONPD, Nick Williams
Chief of ONPD, Nick Williams

Non-emergency phone: 918-287-5510
Fax: 918-287-5524

Chief of Osage Nation Police Department: Nicholas J. Williams

We are the Osage Nation Police Department (ONPD). It is our duty and mission to provide coverage 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This includes weekends, holidays, and inclement weather. ONPD covers 1.5 million acres of land extending from East Ponca City to the western edge of Bartlesville; from the Kansas State line to North Tulsa and everything in between. Osage County is the largest in the State of Oklahoma, and we encounter all walks of life, to which we practice Federal, State, and Tribal laws along with keeping our culture in mind.

To provide law enforcement services under the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation. Officers have a duty to serve and protect the person and to protect the property of the citizens of the Osage community. The Osage Nation Police Department will assist the Osage Nation in protecting and enhancing Tribal Sovereignty along with protecting the religious and ceremonial beliefs of the Osage people.


ONPD Preparedness

  • Ensure the safety of both the public and officers is the top priority
  • Protection in the enforcement of Tribal Code, State Law, and Federal Law
  • Works closely with Emergency Management and other departments within the Osage Nation to help in the planning of major events if they should occur

Useful Links

Osage Alerts
Domestic Violence
Indian Child Welfare
Osage Tribal Court

Contact Information: 

1071 Grandview Lane
Pawhuska, OK 74056

Main Phone: 918-287-5510

Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

Chief of ONPD: Nicholas J. Williams

Assistant Chief of Police: Marchmont BigEagle

Fax: 918-287-5524