Wah-Tiah-Kah Scholarship

The purpose of the student award program, as administered by the Osage Minerals Council, is to provide Higher Education assistance to eligible Osage applicants in their educational pursuits in the petroleum-related field of study.


In 1871 the Osage moved to what is now known as the Osage Reservation of Oklahoma. Prior to that move, a tribal member who was adept at surveying traveled south from our Kansas lands to determine for our people if this was wise and the boundaries of which it would encompass. It was known to our people that the land had a black substance that was pooled in many places across our hunting ground. WahTiahKah walked the land; as he did so he envisioned his grandchildren prospering. He knew this was good and that WaKonTa had blessed the land for the WhaZhaZhe (Osage). We honor WahTiahKah for without his wisdom we would not have the oil that has sustained the Osage for over one hundred years.


Fall semester—August 1

Spring semester—January 1

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