Grants Department


The Grants Management Department is tasked as the administrator of all grants submitted on behalf of the Osage nation, which includes all of the tasks that it takes to apply for funding and to fulfill the requirements.


  • Support program staff
  • Project management
  • Program planning
  • Ensure that all grants developed are in-line with Osage Nation initiatives
  • Compliance
  • Funding agency relations


Physical Address
627 Grandview Avenue
Pawhuska, OK 74056




Director of Grants, Christa Fulkerson
Director of Grants, Christa Fulkerson

Christa Unap-Fulkerson (Wah-Zha-Zhe Me-Tsa-He) is a member of the Osage Tribe (Deer Clan), is from Hominy District (Zon-Zo-Li), and is currently the Director of Grants Management & Compliance working within the Osage Nation Treasury Department.  She was born and raised in Hominy, Oklahoma, and her grandmother is the late Myrtle Morrell Unap.

Ms. Unap-Fulkerson has worked at the Osage Nation for three years and holds a Master's in Business Administration and a degree in Human Services Management.  She has extensive education and experience in grants, clinical research, budgeting, leadership, strategic planning, project management, proposal management, healthcare management, compliance, community outreach, team building, and analytical problem-solving training.  She is currently pursuing her MLS in Indigenous Peoples Law at Oklahoma University College of Law.

Unap-Fulkerson wears many hats at the Osage Nation, from enhancing funding award models to developing sustainable and effective grants management teams, staff training, budgeting, etc.  Within her role, the main objective is to function as a subject matter expert with advanced knowledge and oversight in the areas of grants management and compliance.  Overall, she has helped to achieve a more methodical grants funding model that optimizes the grants and compliance administration process.

Ms. Unap-Fulkerson's experience at Osage Nation has given her an even deeper appreciation of her own Tribal (Osage) community; and other Tribal communities in and outside of Oklahoma.   As a result, she continues to seek ways to develop and evolve the Nation's initiatives and innovative business strategies, which have immediate and long-term impacts on the Osage people in and outside the reservation.

She sees the Nation is working hard to do its part not only to lift itself but continues to do its part in lifting Indian Country as a whole.  Therefore, Ms. Unap-Fulkerson is honored to be a part of the Osage Nation team.