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Dedicated on May 2nd, 1938, the Osage Nation Museum is the oldest tribally-owned museum in the United States.

Mission Statement

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It is the mission of the Osage Nation Museum (ONM) to foster the education of the public about the history, culture, and artistic expressions of the Osage people by preserving and developing collections as well as through exhibitions and educational programs that nurture creativity and encourage active learning.

Vision Statement

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Our vision is to position the Osage Nation Museum as the premier destination to experience Osage culture. The museum works to support the continuance of culture, traditional values, and transitions in contemporary Osage life, making the museum experience a truly pleasant and informative one for all ages.

Our vision for the Osage Nation Museum is an institution that:

  1. Is a welcoming place where people are drawn together to share their passion and interest in the Osage Nation’s history and sense of place.
  2. Supports and gives voice to the Osage Nation’s cultural perspective.
  3. Has a sustainable, modern facility while retaining its traditional character.
  4. Creates and maintains educational programs and exhibits that are professionally presented, inspiring and intellectually challenging.
  5. Has collections preserved per American Alliance of Museums accreditation standards, and available as a continuing source of inspiration and learning.
  6. Has a paid staff and volunteer corps that are creative, enthusiastic and supportive of each other, the museum's mission and the community.
  7. Believes in and participates in open strategic partnerships.
  8. Participates in discussions and partnerships at the national level on matters pertaining to the museum’s mission and for the good of the profession.

Core Values

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The Osage Nation Museum is committed to:


In presenting unique programming and exhibits of the highest quality as well as excellence in leadership, cooperation and in use of the highest museum standards as established by the American Alliance of Museums.


In establishing fair and ethical practices and the respectful treatment of all.


We encourage learning and creative exploration by people of all ages, ethnicity, and ability.


We proactively seek opportunities through partnerships.


Of our mission, vision, resources and particularly the museum’s collection.


For the traditions and values of the Osage Nation.

Osage Nation Museum and American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Partnership

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The Osage Nation Museum is proud to support the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) by taking the Pledge of Excellence to show our commitment to museum standards and best practices. The Osage Nation Museum recently completed the AAM's Organizational Museum Assessment Program (MAP).

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