Strategic Planning

The 2022 Osage Nation Resource Directory is now available. The purpose of the resource directory is to provide an informational guide on governmental functions and information on services available to constituents. The booklet is designed to provide a quick reference of information and available services, the location in which those services are available, and who could potentially qualify for those services.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 2022 Osage Nation Resource Directory. 

Service area flyers have also been developed as a quick handout to constituents that are based on these categories Osage Territory - Direct Services, Culture Services, Education Services, and Health Services; Oklahoma – Direct Services, Education Services, and Culture Services; Global – Direct Services, Education Services, and Culture Services.

Service Flyers (for download) 
About Strategic Planning 

Strategic Planning is the development of a guideline for future physical and socioeconomic development based on present and future needs.

The Plan is a flexible document that should be updated as often as necessary to stay current with the core values of present and future generations. 

Please view the FAQ list below to find out more. 

What is the Osage Nation’s strategic plan?

The core purpose of the 25-year strategic plan is to strengthen the Osage Nation government and society in order to preserve and perpetuate a full and abundant Osage way of life that benefits all Osages, living and as yet unborn.

The Osage Nation Strategic Update The Next 5 Years: 2020-2025 is the result of a broad-reaching and comprehensive survey of the Osage tribal members and their priorities for the direction of the Nation.

Why is having a strategic plan important?

The Strategic Plan is a guideline and a roadmap for the direction of the Nation based on input from members of the Osage Nation. 

What benefits come from a strategic plan?
  • The Plan demonstrates the Osage Nation’s accountability to the input of Osage Nation tribal members. 
  • The goals of the Plan in various areas of focus help to result in a more efficient, effective and sustainable Nation for present and future generations.
  • The Strategic Plan is utilized by Osage Nation leaders to make decisions on implementing programs and allocating resources. 
  • The Strategic Plan is often referenced in grant application to give credibility to a proposal and to demonstrate that we are a Nation that plans for the future. 
How often do you update a strategic plan?

The Nation’s strategic plan should be updated and revised when major events take place such as when:

  • Legislation is passed that affects the Nation 
  • There are changes in the economy
  • New technology brings new opportunities
  • Incidents transpire that affect the Osage people
  • Leadership deems it necessary for changes to be made
  • As a general rule the strategic plan should be updated every three to five years
Where can I get a copy of the Osage Nation Strategic Update: The Next 5 Years: 2020-2025?

There are limited numbers of the hard copies available upon request. Download a copy here


While we cannot list every accomplishment made since the initial strategic plan, here are some highlights.

  • Enrollment increased from 9,748 at the end December 2007 to 22,160 Osage tribal members in 2019.
  • Osage Nation has funded higher education in 2020 for $8.5 million dollars for all Osages students.
  • Osage Nation has funded the health benefit debit card in 2020 for $4.5 million dollars for all Osage members.
  • Osage Nation has funded the Burial Assistance program in 2020 for $500,000 to assist all Osages.
  • Osage Nation has implemented the Wahzhazhe Early Learning Academy for K-12 children to be immersed in the language and culture of the Osage.
  • ON has established a permanent fund with of $30 million to provide financial security for the operation of the Nation.
  • The Osage Veterans War Memorial is was completed in 2019, and other statues of Osage Chiefs Bigheart and Claremore were installed on the Campus.
  • Two new energy efficient office structures were completed as Phase I of the Campus Master Plan.
  • Establishment of a Tribal Osage Historic Preservation Office which works to take back our historical territory, provides academic resources to respond to consultations with federal and state partners who now defer to Osage on all matters relating to our graves, sacred sites in the wake of construction and provides a responsible repatriation of our traditional items.
  • Development of Bird Creek Farms, now known as Harvest Land, as an agricultural base to produce healthy food for Osage citizens with a future goal towards commercial markets.
  • Osage Nation purchased Ted Turner’s 43,000 acre ranch, reclaiming a massive tract of land within the heart of the original reservation boundaries and expanding our land base. Osage Ranch operates a successful cattle business on the ranch land.
  • The Osage Nation Heritage Trail Oklahoma Scenic Byway is guided by a Master Corridor Plan which tells the story of the Osage Nation with scenic turn-outs and kiosks along the byway on Highway 60 from Bartlesville to Ponca City.