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Osage Nation's Harvest Land is a working farm located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. During the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, the Osage Nation experienced a breakdown in food systems.  When the Osage Nation received CARES Act funds, it became apparent that there was a significant need to build the infrastructure to increase food production capacity.  In light of this, the Harvest Land contains a 40,000-square-foot greenhouse and a 44,000-square-foot program building. The program building contains a large aquaponics system, a food processing area, and a water lab. Also located on the farm is an orchard that contains fruit and nut trees. The farm is a significant development in tribal food sovereignty efforts by providing locally grown produce year-round to the Osage people.

Contact Information

For more information on the Harvest Land facility or to schedule a tour, please contact the Department of Natural Resources at 918-287-5333.


Dawn Wormington


  • Horticulturist: Cody Vavra 
  • Food Processing Technician: Melissa Byers
  • Greenhouse Technician: Kaitlin Garcia
  • Greenhouse Technician: Ben Standingbear
  • Greenhouse Technician: Taylor Woolman 
  • Farm Technician II: Jack Blankinship
  • Farm Technician: Fred Myer 
  • Farm Technician: Connor Sleeper


Harvestland harvests are provided to Osage Nation programs and the Osage community:

  • Elders Nutrition Program – Pawhuska, Fairfax
  • Osage Nation Wah-Zha-Zhe Early Learning Academy - Pawhuska, Fairfax, Hominy, Skiatook
  • Osage Nation Daposka Ahnkodapi - Pawhuska
  • Cultural events, including the In-Lon-Schka and other important feasts
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Cultural Gardener Classes 4  Times Annually in Partnership with Tri County Technology Center 

The farm is also an educational facility for children and teens all year long. Summers at the farm are busy. The farm is a worksite for the Financial Services-Summer Youth Program, National Youth Works Volunteers, Church Summer Camps, and Native American Agriculture Student Groups.

Seasoned Firewood Donation for Cultural Events:  The Harvest Land seeks to provide seasoned firewood for cultural events, including In-Lon-Schka, ceremonial events, memorial events, and feasts. Find the firewood donation application here

Harvest Land benefits from a set of regional and local plans already in place, addressing the health, economic and cultural developments sought to be accomplished by the Osage Nation 25-year Strategic Plan.