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Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continually seeks to build capacity through the development of projects that benefit the Osage Nation, through conscientious land/natural resource management, threatened and endangered species programs, and environmental review preparation. These programs work to protect and enhance the natural resources and environment within the Osage Nation while keeping the Osage Nation in compliance with all applicable federal laws. Contact Information

Department of Natural Resources Director: Craig Walker

Phone: 918-287-5531
Fax: 918-287-5581

Physical Address: 102 Midland, Pawhuska, OK 74061

Craig Walker


SECRETARY OF NATURAL RESOURCES | Jann Hayman is a native of Skiatook and a citizen of the Osage Nation. She began working with the Osage Nation Department of Natural Resources in 2006 as a Natural Resource Specialist and was promoted to Director in 2012. During her time with the Osage Nation, she has worked with a multitude of federal and state agencies to implement wildlife, oil and gas, and other environmental and natural resources programs. Recently, Jann has worked extensively on food sovereignty initiatives for the Osage Nation, including the development of the Harvest Land and Butcher House Meats facilities. Jann received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education with a minor in Animal Science and a Master of Agriculture in Agriculture from Oklahoma State University.  More recently, she also obtained a Doctor of Education from Kansas State University, where her research interests are related to the development and implementation of Native Nation agriculture and agricultural education programs. She and her husband, Brad โ€œTurnip,โ€ have two children and reside in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES DIRECTOR: CRAIG WALKER | Craig works with various landowners, businesses, and Federal, State, and Tribal agencies to address environmental and natural resource issues facing both the communities and operations of the Osage Nation. After nearly a decade of working as an Environmental Project Specialist, Craig has implemented and supported a multitude of programs in oil and gas, water quality and conservation, wildlife, ecotourism, and agriculture. Craig holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, Ecology, and Management from Oklahoma State University. Craig and his wife, Ashlee, have two children and reside in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


  • Environmental Project Specialist II: Tom Ashmore 
  • Environmental Project Specialist II: Cameron Chesbro 
  • Environmental Project Specialist II: Chris LaViolette
  • UIC Field Inspector: Caleb Kennedy
  • UIC Field Inspector: Stephen Wynn
  • Field Inspector โ€“ Matthew Miller
  • Conservation Specialist - Brad Hayman
  • Conservation Specialist โ€“ Ethan Kennedy
  • Ecologist โ€“ Tanner Reed
  • Program Assistant/Lab Tech: Kara Brayfield 
  • UIC Program Assistant: Christina Mashunkashey 
  • Field Inspector (Orphan Well Program) โ€“ Homer Holding
  • Field Inspector (Orphan Well Program) โ€“ Justin Patterson
  • Administrative Coordinator (Orphan Well Program) โ€“ John Dildine


EPA UIC Grant - This grant is funded through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through this program, the Osage Nation conducts inspections of all Class II injection wells, witnesses plugging of Class II injection wells, tests injection wells for mechanical integrity, and assists EPA with compliance and enforcement on wells.

EPA Clean Water Act 106 Grant โ€“ This grant is funded through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through this program, the Osage Nation monitors surface water to assess water quality within specific drainage basins and watersheds. All surface water samples are collected and analyzed in the Osage Nation water laboratory. Under this program, fish collections and macroinvertebrate collections are completed to evaluate the condition of each water body using biological measurements of the resident biota in the water.

EPA General Assistance Program โ€“ This grant is funded through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through this program, the Osage Nation performs a systematic reconnaissance of tank batteries and catalogues locations around tank batteries, wellheads, and injection wells where saltwater spills have occurred. Roadside or private dumpsites are also located and identified.

USGS Hydrogeology Project โ€“ This project is to implement the "Investigation of Hydrogeology and Water Availability in the Osage Nation of Oklahoma". Under this project, the Osage Nation has coordinated with USGS to house subsurface geology maps for Osage County. Within these maps include information on water availability based upon the subsurface geology examination.


ONCA 12-68 โ€“ An Act to vest all natural resources regulatory authority in the Environmental and Natural Resources Department

ONCA 17-30 โ€“ Osage Nation Wildlife Conservation Act

ONCA 17-35 โ€“ An Act to amend 13 ONC ยงยง 2-101 through 2-104 to vest natural resources regulatory authority in the Environmental and Natural Resources Department in the Osage Nation


Water Regulations:

The following Osage Nation Water Regulations are the promulgated and final rule of the Osage Nation Department of Natural Resources (โ€œDNRโ€). These regulations allow the DNR to take a positive role in managing and conserving the natural resources that are important to the Nation and the Osage people. The Osage Nation Water Regulations establish a system for drilling and monitoring water wells on Osage land. This system fills a current void and allows for the monitoring of groundwater use for future sustainability and conservation.

Wildlife Conservation Regulations:

By the authority vested in the Department of Natural Resources (โ€œDNRโ€) pursuant to ONCA 17-35 and in order to carry out its duties and responsibilities under the Osage Nation Wildlife Conservation Act, the DNR promulgates and publishes the following Wildlife Conservation Regulations. These Regulations shall serve as the interim final regulations in order to protect and preserve all wildlife within the Osage Nation Reservation and prevent any damage to the interest of the Osage Nation during the upcoming hunting season.


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