​The Department of the Treasury was created by ONCA 06-02 pursuant to Article VII, Section 13 of the Osage Nation Constitution. The Treasury Department is responsible for ensuring a strong fiscal policy and financial accountability in accordance with strict accounting standards. The Treasury Department is led by the Treasurer who is accountable to Executive Branch and the Osage Nation Congress.

The Accounting Department is a function of the Treasury which is overseen by the Osage Nation Treasurer. The accounting department encompasses a wide range of functions to include reporting to Federal agencies, preparing and presenting financial information, contact and compilation of records for the external auditors, accounts payable for the various branches of the Nation, the federal and tribal programs, accounts receivable, procurement, payroll, management of the physical assets of the Nation, and employee loans.

The Procurement Department is a function of the Treasury. The procurement office is responsible for coordinating all procurement activity in accordance with applicable policies, federal procurement regulations and Osage Nation law.

Annual Financial Reports

2022 Government Wide Final Audit Report 

2022 Audit Report 

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2019 Audit Report 

2018 Audit Report

2017 Government Wide Final Audit Report

2017 Single Audit Compliance Report

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