• Geoffrey Standing Bear

    Official Portrait of Geoffrey Standing Bear
    Geoffrey Standing Bear

    Geoffrey Standing Bear is the Principal Chief of the Osage Nation. He is the great- grandson of Osage Principal Chief Fred Lookout. Chief Standing Bear and his wife Julie have four children and eight grandchildren.

    Now in his second term as Osage Nation Principal Chief, he continues the work of protecting and enhancing the Osage culture, language, and lands.

  • Raymond Red Corn

    Portrait photo of Assistant Principal Chief Red Corn
    Raymond Red Corn

    Raymond W. Red Corn III served through the formative early years of the 1st Osage Nation Congress, as Second Speaker in the 2nd Congress, and as Speaker of the 3rd. Elected as Assistant Principal Chief in 2014 and again in 2018, Assistant Principal Chief Red Corn has focused on organizational issues, agriculture, and technology, including the creation of Skyway 36. At Principal Chief Standing Bear's instruction, he has led efforts to acquire and plan development of new properties, prioritize acquisitions, and work cooperatively with local governments.