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The message of Christmas is to give. During this holiday season, heart-warming stories appear on our local evening news. They all have the central theme of selfless actions by individuals, and as someone in such a story pointed out it is done by those who have the means to do... MORE
OSAGE MINERALS COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014 1:00 P.M. OSAGE NATION CHAMBERS PAWHUSKA, OKLAHOMA   Subject to change     Call to order – Welcome by Everett Waller, Chairman Opening prayer  - Roll call Jim Swan – audit... MORE
The Osage Nation designed an event that would complement the City of Pawhuska’s festivities and make Saturday, December 6th a full-day of activities. This began with the Christmas Extravaganza, a shopping venue held at the Wah-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center and opened to the public.... MORE
The Osage Nation manages a fleet of 150-plus vehicles; some of these are tribal trucks, vans and cars, and others are Government Services Administration (GSA) property the tribe leases.  However, there was no uniformity in their appearance.  Principal Chief Standing Bear... MORE
One of the first great football teams in American football history was the Hominy Indians.  The Indians got their start in the early 1920s.  The idea for an all Native football team came from a young Osage man named Ira Hamilton.  Hamilton, with the financial backing of fellow... MORE
It can probably be said that everyone has experienced some type of hardship in his or her life, and certainly has known a family member or friend who has. Circumstances, often times, are beyond our control. Crisis Assistance (CA) may be an option to explore. The policy of the... MORE
“You’re busy, you’re stressed, it’s chilly ... so why not take a break from your fitness program until the New Year?”  It’s certainly a good excuse and one many will use especially as the holiday season approaches.  Between jobs, school, family responsibilities, and tons of... MORE
Have a Plan: •Discuss with your family what to do if a winter storm watch or warning is issued. •Insure your family knows meeting places and phone numbers of other family members in case they are separated when a winter storm hits. •Know what to do if basic... MORE
It was with great sadness the Osage Nation learned of the passing of J. R. Ricketts, on Saturday, September 27th; the director and long-time employee for the CDIB/Membership Department.  It is unfortunate he was unable to see his plans for his department reach fruition.  In July... MORE
The National Weather Service forecasted a “Polar Invasion”, which arrived with a roar in Oklahoma on Monday night, November 10. “Winter Survival” tips from Bobby Tallchief, Emergency Management Director for the Osage Nation. Ensure all smoke and carbon... MORE