Osage Font & Keyboard Installation

Install the Osage font and keyboard by following the tutorial videos below. If your device is not listed, the manufacturer has not yet made it available. It will arrive in a software update, but we are unable to predict when that software update will occur.

Video tutorial for iPad or iPhone
Video tutorial for iPad or iPhone, slower-paced tutorial
Video tutorial for Windows using Chrome browser

Windows and MacOS users who are already comfortable downloading and installing new fonts can download Noto Sans Osage directly from Google. This is the font used on this website to display Osage orthography.

Osage Mobile Application Installation

How to download the WahZhaZhe app to Android and Apple devices:

  1. Connect your Android or Apple device to WiFi
  2. Download the app from your respective app store:
    1. Google Play Store
    2. Apple App Store

The application requires a WiFi connection as it is quite large, at approx. 376 MB on iOS and 33MB on Android. After it has downloaded to your device it will not require a data connection unless an update is required.

Mobile App Overview

The language app home screen contains buttons for Language, Culture Notes, Search, and Credits.

Language – (category options: Learn, Games, Quizzes) The Language tab contains approximately 526 words and phrases which are separated into 33 categories. Each category allows users to learn the language by listening to a word or phrase, reading the orthography, and self-recording for playback and audio learning. Gamesincrease in intensity from easy to hard. After familiarizing with the words and phrases contained in each category there are corresponding quizzes to self-test. Quizzes test listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Culture Notes – (category options: Audio, Video, Images) The Culture Notes tab contains approximately 15 files. Users can listen to an Osage language only speech delivered in June 1965 by an Osage elder; learn the Counting Song, and view the most up-to-date map of Osage ancestral territories. Users can tap on the photos in the Images category to zoom-in on the maps and paintings for a closer view.

Search –Search for any entry via the Search tab. Simply tap “Search” and you will be directed to an alphabetized list of all entries contained within the app. Users can scroll through the list or type a specific word or phrase.

Credits – The Credits tab acknowledges the departments and individuals who were instrumental in the creation of the app. For tech support select the link to Thornton Media, Inc.