Osage Font & Keyboard installation instructions

Install the Osage font and keyboard by following the tutorials linked below. If your device is not listed, the manufacturer has not yet made it available. It will arrive in a software update, but we are unable to predict when that software update will occur as we do not control the operating system.

Video tutorial for iPad or iPhone
Video tutorial for iPad or iPhone, slower-paced tutorial
Video tutorial for Chrome browser

To install the Osage font on your iOS device step-by-step

  1. Open the App Store: iOS app store icon, showing versions for iOS 11 and 12
  2. In search bar type in Osage Keyboard
  3. Download Osage Keyboard app
  4. Open app after download
  5. Click install Pawhuska font
  6. Click allow if prompted
  7. Click install
  8. Enter your password if prompted
  9. Click install until the done prompt appears
  10. Click on done
  11. Open Osage Keyboard app again
  12. Click on install keyboard for set of instructions
  13. Click on settings icon
  14. Click general tab
  15. Click on keyboard tab
  16. Click keyboards tab
  17. Click add new keyboard tab
  18. Select Osage keyboard tab
  19. Open any app or browser that allows you to type
  20. Once keyboard appears 
  21. Select globe icon bottom left on keyboard 
  22. If you have emoji keyboard installed press the button with the numbers 123 (next to globe icon) to toggle through to the Osage Keyboard

Osage App installation instructions

How to download the WahZhaZhe app to Android and Apple devices:

  1. Connect your Android or Apple device to Wifi
  2. Search “WahZhaZhe” at the Play Store or the App Store on an Android or Apple device
  3. Find the App option with the Osage seal icon and select
  4. Select "Install" to download the App

The application is approximately 375 MB that requires a wifi connection. After it is downloaded to a device it will not require a data connection unless an update is required. The language app home screen contains buttons for Language, Culture Notes, Search, and Credits.
Language – (category options: Learn, Games, Quizzes) The Language tab contains approximately 526 words and phrases which are separated into 33 categories. Each category allows users to learn the language by listening to a word or phrase, reading the orthography, and self-recording for playback and audio learning. Games increase in intensity from easy to hard. After familiarizing with the words and phrases contained in each category there are corresponding quizzes to self-test. Quizzes test listening, speaking, and reading skills.
Culture Notes – (category options: Audio, Video, Images) The Culture Notes tab contains approximately 15 files. Users can listen to an Osage language only speech delivered in June 1965 by an Osage elder; learn the Counting Song, and view the most up-to-date map of Osage ancestral territories. Users can tap on the photos in the Images category to zoom-in on the maps and paintings for a closer view.
Search –Search for any entry via the Search tab. Simply tap “Search” and you will be directed to an alphabetized list of all entries contained within the app. Users can scroll through the list or type a specific word or phrase.
Credits – The Credits tab acknowledges the departments and individuals who were instrumental in the creation of the app. For tech support select the link to Thornton Media, Inc.
Next User Steps
Download WahZhaZhe to any Android or Apple device.