The Osage Nation Gaming Commission (ONGC) was established to preserve and protect the integrity of the Osage Nation’s gaming activities by shielding it from corrupting influences, ensuring fair and honest practices by patrons and operators, enforcing all applicable gaming laws and internal controls, and ensuring that the Nation is the primary beneficiary of the gaming facilities. 

The ONGC is made up of seven (7) different sub-divisions and maintains nine (9) separate offices.  The ONGC is responsible for the licensure of all casino employees and vendors, ensuring the compliance of all gaming systems and operations, monitoring of all gaming activities, surveillance, and the quasi-judicial administrative functions associated with regulating the Osage Nation’s gaming activities.

Request for ONGC Commissioner Approval to Change the Rules and Regulations of the Osage Nation Gaming Commission posting the following to the Osage Nation website as Rulemaking #17-04:


Comment Period: 30 Days

Osage Nation Gaming Commission Notice of Rulemaking dated June 5, 2017:  #17-04

The Osage Nation Gaming Commission is proposing the following new rules under the Rulemaking process.  The attached changes are to the ONGC Rules and Regulations and are presented in the document in red text.  Comments may be made by interested parties for 30 days.  Comments need to be mailed to the Osage Nation Gaming Commission at 612 Leahy Avenue, Pawhuska, Ok.  74056 or emailed to ehembree@osagenation-nsn.gov.

Proposed Amendments to the Osage Nation Gaming Regulations 202 Section 6 (D)(c):

D. Permitted Vendors

  1. Ensure the company stock is traded on one of the following approved stock exchanges:
  1. The New York Stock Exchange, (“NYSE”)
  2. The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, (“NASDAQ”)
  3. The London Stock Exchange, (“LSE”)
  4. The Chicago Stock Exchange, (“CHX”)
  5. The Toronto Stock Exchange, (“TSX”)

Proposed Change:  


  1.  Ensure the company stock is traded on one of the top 20 approved stock exchanges:
  1. New York Stock Exchange
  3. London Stock Exchange Group
  4. Japan Exchange Group – Tokyo
  5. Shanghai Stock Exchange
  6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  7. Euronext
  8. Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  9. TMX Group
  10. Deutsche Börse
  11. Bombay Stock Exchange
  12. National Stock Exchange of India
  13. SIX Swiss Exchange
  14. Australian Securities Exchange
  15. Korea Exchange
  16. OMX Nordic Exchange
  17. JSE Limited
  18. BME Spanish Exchanges
  19. Taiwan Stock Exchange
  20. BM&F Bovespa