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Daposka Ahnkodapi Elementary

𐓈𐒰𐓄𐓂𐓆𐒼𐒰 𐒰⌃𐒼𐓂𐓈𐒰𐓬𐒻 (Our School), is an educational facility serving Osage children ranging in age from 6 weeks old through 4th grade. 𐓈𐒰𐓄𐓂𐓆𐒼𐒰 𐒰⌃𐒼𐓂𐓈𐒰𐓬𐒻 provides a place where children can begin to learn the Osage language, at a preverbal age, by hearing the Osage language spoken for several hours each day. By immersing students in the Osage language and culture, and providing them with opportunities to explore and learn each day, their self-esteem and Osage identity of our next generation will be strengthened.

The ultimate goal of 𐓈𐒰𐓄𐓂𐓆𐒼𐒰 𐒰⌃𐒼𐓂𐓈𐒰𐓬𐒻 is to expand the facility to include Osage children from ages 6 weeks through 12th grade.

To enroll your child at 𐓈𐒰𐓄𐓂𐓆𐒼𐒰 𐒰⌃𐒼𐓂𐓈𐒰𐓬𐒻 please complete the application and other documents found below. Applications and supporting enrollment documents may be hand-delivered or mailed to 128 W. 15th Street Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056.

Enrollment Documents

Handbook and Academic Calendar

𐓈𐒰𐓄𐓂𐓆𐒼𐒰 𐒰⌃𐒼𐓂𐓈𐒰𐓬𐒻 Administration encourages the resolution of issues on an informal basis whenever possible. However, if it is not possible, a formal grievance may be filed by completing the following form. If you have any questions, please refer to page 23 of the Parent Handbook regarding the grievance process.