Culture & Language

Language and Culture - One of Osage Nation's Strategic Goals

25-Year Vision of Cultural Preservation: A flourishing Osage culture, a revitalized Osage language spoken at a basic level by a vast majority of Osage Nation members, and a unique and vibrant Osage history taught to Osage children and fostered, promoted, and memorialized throughout our homelands.

Top priorities for cultural preservation include:

Expanding programs and facilities for Osage Nation Cultural Center, Language Department, and Osage Nation Museum topped that list, as did creating an online curriculum for Osage protocols, ceremonies, and other cultural content.

Create an online platform that would include recordings of elders and tribal historians, protocol videos, and the aforementioned curriculum, and provide a place to find and access the many resources the Nation already has. A central Osage Culture website may provide a way to publicize this information and avoid the pitfalls of third-party websites hosting sensitive information.

Digitize Osage historical materials and preserve family photos, memorabilia, and stories.