Voter Information

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If you are unable to open a document, please contact the Election Office for assistance by phone at 1-877-560-5286 or by email and a copy of the document will be provided to you.



Who is eligible to vote?
  • Any enrolled member of the Osage Nation, 18 years of age or older whose name is found on the Osage Voter Registry on or before Election Day.
How do I know if I am on the Osage Voter Registry?
  • If you have a membership card from the Osage Nation and are 18 years or older, you should be on the Registry.
  • Please remember the membership card is different from your CDIB card.
  • If you still have any questions, please call toll free at (877) 560-5286, and we can verify whether you are or are not on the list.
How can I get a membership card?
  • Contact the Membership/CDIB Department at (918) 287-5390.
What is needed to vote in person?
  • You will need a Government issued photo ID (Example: Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, Tribal Photo ID, etc.); OR
  • Positive ID by 2 persons serving as Election Staff
How can I receive an Absentee Ballot?
  • You can request an Absentee Ballot application by:
    • Coming in person the the Office located at 608 Kihekah, Pawhuska, Oklahoma; OR
    • Downloading the form from our website on the Voter Information page; OR
    • Calling (877) 560-5286 to have one sent to you; OR
    • E-mailing @email to have one sent to you.
  • Once the Absentee Ballot application is completed, you can return it, including a legible copy of a government issued photo ID by:
    • Scanning the documents and e-mailing them to @email; OR
    • Faxing the documents to (918) 287-5292. (Please understand we are not responsible for faxes that did not transmit properly.); OR
    • Mailing the documents to P.O. Box 928, Pawhuska, OK 74056; OR
    • Bringing the documents in person to the Office located at 608 Kihekah, Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
  • You can call the office and confirm your request was received at (877) 560-5286.