The Osage Nation Reservation

With the Louisiana Purchase forcing eastern tribes to the west, the Osage began a series of treaties, beginning with the Treaty of 1808, ceding our land to the United States Government. 

Osage Reservation 1890
Map of the Osage Reservation from the Cherokee Nation Deed (November 26, 1890).

In 1865, we sold our Kansas Reservation lands to purchase a permanent reservation in Indian Territory. In 1871 and 1872, we relocated to a reservation described and confirmed by an Act of Congress approved June 5, 1872, in Indian Territory. The Osage Nation Reservation includes 1,470,559 acres. Contrary to popular belief that it was a gift from the United States Government to the Osage Nation, it was actually purchased from the Cherokee Nation by the Osage Nation. On June 14, 1883, the Cherokee Nation, by its principal chief, conveyed the land by deed to the United States to be placed in trust for the Osage Nation for $1,099,137.41. This amount was paid from the Osage tribal funds representing the proceeds from the sale of the Osage Reservation in Kansas. The lands purchased became the final and permanent home of the Osage people. 

On October 22, 2022, the Osage Nation celebrated 150 years on the Osage Nation Reservation.  

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