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Turner Enterprise President and CEO delivers message from Ted Turner at celebration

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Taylor Glover, Turner Enterprise President & CEO, takes the podium to deliver a message of support for Bluestem Ranch land purchase and a letter from Ted Turner.

Bluestem Ranch, Osage Reservation (Wednesday, August 24. 2016) ---Due to health reasons, media mogul and former owner of Bluestem Ranch, Ted Turner, was unable to attend the Osage Nation's Bluestem Ranch Acquisition Celebration on Aug. 24 but his message of encouragement still made it. Taylor Glover, Turner Enterprise CEO and President, came in his place and brought a letter from Turner. Again, follwing suit with previous correspondence, he offered his support and encouragement for the transfer of land back to the Osage Nation. 

Taylor said that Turner was saddened that he was not able to attend and that Turner had planned on being there for weeks in advance. 


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