Sesquicentennial Blanket Design by Jasmine Phetsacksith Selected

Sesquicentennial Blanket

Osage Nation announces Jasmine Phetsacksith’s design is selected for the Sesquicentennial commemorative Pendleton blanket. A selection panel reviewed over 50 submissions based upon the quality of design, originality, message, subject accessibility, and appeal. Phetsacksith is ZonZoLi from the Sun Carrier clan. 

“I want my design to speak to the 150th commemoration by representing everything our people have gone through, accomplished, and what we’re striving for,” said Phetsacksith. “My hope is to display how unique and important our Osage community is to us. Time after time we always seem to lean on one another and I feel like it’s a true testament of how close we are. I chose the heart ribbonwork design to follow this meaning and represent our compassion and love for ourselves and the community that surrounds us.” 

The selection panel consisted of Osage Nation employees Vann Bighorse (Language Department), Genie Herren (Operations), Casey Johnson (Operations), Abby Mashunkashey (Wahzhazhe Communications), Marla Redcorn Miller (Osage Nation Museum) Jane Perrier (Human Resources), and Braxton Redeagle (Language Department).  The design will be made into a custom (64 in. x 80 in., 82% wool/18% cotton jacquard weave) commemorative Pendleton blanket. 

“Having my design chosen feels surreal and exciting,” said Phetsacksith. “As a young artist exploring new mediums, it truly means the world to me. My hopes are for this blanket to represent all of our people and everything we’ve experienced in this time. I do want to thank the Nation, Pendleton, as well as everyone involved for hosting the blanket contest and providing the opportunity to represent our people through our 150th Commemoration.” 

Osage Nation will order 250 blankets; a portion will be made available for purchase at the Visitor’s Center. Additional units may be ordered based on demand. The Visitor’s Center does note that due to supply chain disturbances, the availability date is pending. 

Artist Statement: I knew I wanted to incorporate ribbonwork into my design because it’s something that I’ve always admired about our Osage people. I also wanted to combine designs that are seen between both men and women. I was also inspired by modern color palettes and their meaning. The beige background represents a neutral and calm environment. Whenever all of our Osage people come together whether it is for special events or occasions everything seems to always fall into place even during an uncertain time. I chose to use royal blue and hunter green for the center heart design for the boldness to offset the neutral tones of the background and stripes. These colors represent health, growth, and prosperity. For the stripes, crossing diamonds, and diamonds along the top and bottom edge are an ombre of browns, pinks, and purples. I chose these colors to represent how precious our people are and the love we share for one another.