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Osage sponsored Science Fair a success and participating schools to receive supplies for science classes

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Second go-around provides better methods for Osage Education team and more students from Osage County schools

By ON Communications

Pawhuska, Okla., (Friday, February 16, 2018) More than two hundred students attended the Second Annual Osage Nation STEAM Science Fair at the Osage County Fairgrounds in Pawhuska held Tuesday, Jan. 23 to Friday, Jan. 26. The Osage Nation Education Department (ONED) organized, hosted and sponsored the event to encourage area youth to have fun learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

Local 7th and 8th grade students participated from the following schools:  Avant, Barnsdall, Bowring, Osage Hills, Pawhuska, Shidler, Skiatook, and Woodland. ONED extended invitations to all Osage County Schools and hopes to see more schools participating in the years to come.  Schools were notified earlier in the year by mailed “save the date” cards to all of the science teachers and principals and reminders were sent out throughout the school year. ONED also conducted an early registration for a smoother and quicker sign-in process for students.

The science fair is one of the initiatives provided by the ONED’s mission to promote STEAM career interests and better prepare youth for college level STEAM academics.  Through STEAM learning events children are provided the opportunity to engage in educational concepts with activities and resources that emphasize the application of real-life situations for hands-on STEAM learning.
Mary Wildcat, ONED Director, said, “Some students think of science as only a class or required subject area. The science fair allows them to have fun with science, get out of the classroom and experiment with science related topics.  The students are more open to the opportunities of science-related careers.”

The top three winners from each grade will have the opportunity to compete at the Bartlesville District Science Fair.  ONED is paying the entry fees for these winners as one of the prizes for placing in the top three.  The top seven project winners, from each grade, will enjoy a fun filled day building robots at Bricks for Kidz, a delicious lunch at Hideaway Pizza, and creative art workshop at Pinot’s Palette. Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear formally announced all of the winners earlier this week on the Osage Nation YouTube channel.

These are the top seven winners from each grade:

Grade          Name                            School        Category                          Name of Project
7                  Karleigh Coon                Pawhuska    Chemistry                          Plant Water Temperature
7                  Corena Tiller                  Pawhuska    Chemistry                          How Do You Make the Best Cookie?
7                  Christopher Renuard     Skiatook       Biology/Botany/Zoology    Baby Gecko
7                  Kane Beard                   Skiatook       Engineering/Physics          Cost of Corrosion
7                  Skye Amberson             Pawhuska    Biology/Botany                  Berry Chromatography
7                  McKayla O'Meilia          Pawhuska     Chemistry                          Playing With Your Food
7                  McKenna Bryant           Barnsdall       Environmental/Math          Erosion

8                  Gracee Stierwalt           Shidler           Environmental/Math          Sodium Chloride in the Osage?
8                  Madison Gardner          Woodland      Biochemistry/Chemistry    Which Popcorn Pops the Best?
8                  Jax Ward
                    and Delaney Ward        Skiatook        Chemistry                          Stain, Stain Go Away
8                  Naomi Soderstrom        Osage Hills    Biochemistry/Chemistry    Coin Cleaning
8                  Audrey Ainesworth        Osage Hills    Medicine/Health                Tucky! Mucky! Yucky!
8                 Madelyn Murphy            Shidler            Environmental/Math          The Eye of the Beholder
8                 JJ Brace                        Pawhuska       Chemistry                          Dissolving, Expanding, and Bouncing Eggs

Each school that participated at the science fair will receive supplies for their science classroom. ($100.00 value)

Next year we plan to invite the same grades, 7th and 8th, from all of the school districts in Osage County. We hope to continue this event each year. 

ONED worked in partnership with the Osage Nation Environmental and Natural Resources Department, Osage Nation Communications, Osage Graphic Design, Osage County Public Schools, Osage County Fairgrounds and local Osage volunteer, Thomas Trumbly. Osage Casinos provided water and snacks for the students and lunch for the judges and volunteers each day.

ONED is thankful for the great group of judges who participated and volunteered their time: Jordan Cox, Jason George, Cameron Pratt, Jen Hensley, Shane Rencountre, Margaret Sisk, Brandy Supernaw, Alice Goodfox, Archie Mason, Cherise Lookout Miller, Don Byfield, Jann Hayman, Hallie Winter, Katelyn Fenton, Samantha Frye, Sarah Kendrick, Becki Pierce, Debbie Bennett, Alfred McKinley, Crystal Standing Bear, Jodie Revard, Helen Brumley, Bobby Tallchief, Avis Ballard, Trevor Piearcy, Lauren Long, Tammy Leeper, Casey Johnson, Ashley Arney, Tom Ashmore, Austin Shipman, Ron Shaw, Melanie Quentin, Annie Best, and Ross Shimonek. 

ONED looks forward to next year and hosting the 3rd Annual Osage Nation STEAM Science Fair. 

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear announces winners (YouTube Link)

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