Osage Nation Wildland Fire Receives New Ultra-High Pressure Fire Truck

Wildland Fire Truck

OSAGE RESERVATION, OKLA. (July 27, 2022) – Osage Nation Wildland Fire (ONWF) receives a new fire truck in July 2022. Custom built by a team of Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) experts, this high-powered truck was delivered to ONWF ready for emergency service. A Ford F-550 6.7L Diesel, Extended Cab complete and custom built with custom boxes, has been lifted and has a set of super singles from Design-Build-Lease (DBL) Design. It has a UHP unit on it from Pyro-HMA. HMA Fire, LLC is a national leader in providing superior technology advancements such as the UHP unit acquired by ONWF.

According to HMA Fire , these advanced technological benefits protect firefighters more extensively from toxins and firefighter fatigue. Ross Walker, Fire Management Officer, wrote and submitted a Reserved Treaty Rights Land Plan Proposal (RTRL) Fuels Management Proposal for the Osage Nation Ranch (ONR) and used the federal funding to purchase the fire truck. He plans to use the truck to support prescribed burning and wildfires that occur on the Osage Nation Ranch and throughout the Osage Reservation. 

Walker was able to conduct a hands-on demonstration prior to committing to the selection of the UHP unit. He commented: “I am very glad I did. It is one of the best Type 6 Wildland Fire Trucks I have personally seen built and used. The ONWF Department previously had only two Type 6 fire trucks, one was tribally owned and the other was federally owned and provided to us through the Eastern Oklahoma Regional office. Both trucks are 2015 models and are getting aged and worn each year.”

He continues: “Having this new Wildland fire engine will allow us to cover more acreage and staff additional personnel giving us the capabilities to cover more area and respond to more wildfires when we have multiple new wildfire starts during our fire season at the same time. This engine will also be used during prescribed burns our department implements. I’ve very excited to use it."

For more information about Osage Nation Wildland Fire Management, visit osagenation-nsn.gov