Osage Nation Tribal Health System Questionnaire for Elders

Press Release
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OSAGE RESERVATION, OKLA. (February 17, 2023) – The Osage Nation Tribal Health System has stood up an initiative to reach out to all Osage Nation Tribal Elders via a telephonic questionnaire by their staff with an updated notification of available services and programs available to the elders.  The goal is to educate and inform the elders about available services with what may be needed, and then connect those identified needs with resources, available programs, current grants, and other resources within the community to assist them where and when possible.  These services may be with the Osage Nation, the County, the State of Oklahoma (or the state they reside in), or with Indian Health Services (I.H.S.), or any of the various Federal Government programs available.

The Osage Nation Health System (ONHS) Public Health and Community Health Representative (CHR) Departments are partnering together to conduct this outreach. The goal is to assemble a prioritized resource listing that is actionable based upon the various elder’s needs, and then ensure these identified Osage Elder members are aware of and getting, all the services and programs available to them. Please be aware of this initiative and let your family members know of this outreach effort for all the Osage Tribal Elders. It will be occurring over the next several weeks, and it is to help them and their families with these various elder care programs and services, as their needs are identified during the phone call questionnaire. We are happy to continue to grow and expand our services and outreach to our Tribal Elders, and always appreciate the opportunity to serve the Osage Nation!

For more information, please contact the Health Center Main Phone: 918-287-9300

 COVID-19 Hotline: 918-287-0028

 Pharmacy Patient Line: 918-287-9373

 Or visit: https://www.osagenation-nsn.gov/services/wahzhazhe-health-center