Osage Nation Launches π“·π“˜π“»π“˜π“»π“Ÿ 𐓯π“ͺΝ˜π“―π“ͺΝ˜π“·π“Ÿ β€œWahzhazhe Always” Celebrating Culture and Sovereignty

Press Release
Wahzhazhe Always

Wahzhazhe Always Campaign represents eternal connection and vitality of Osage Nation tribal members 

Pawhuska, Okla. (March 10, 2023) - The Osage Nation, a sovereign Nation thriving on its Reservation in Northeast Oklahoma, launches π“·π“˜π“»π“˜π“»π“Ÿ 𐓯π“ͺΝ˜π“―π“ͺΝ˜π“·π“Ÿ | Wahzhazhe Always as a visual platform, branding campaign and overall statement for members near and far to reconnect and celebrate an enduring legacy. The launch coincides with the Nation’s Sovereignty Day observance on March 10, 2023 with the release of a narrative video highlighting services and programs at the Osage Nation. 

Using the traditional name and spelling of Wahzhazhe, historically deduced to the interpretation and spelling of Osage after colonization and forced migration, is embraced by tribal members and amplified throughout the campaign. Daily use and visibility of Osage Orthography remains to be of the utmost importance to Osage Nation as an act of sovereignty and language education efforts. The full application reflects the cultural connection and endurance of the Osage Nation. 

"We are a giving people,” Secretary of Culture, Language and Education Vann Bighorse said. β€œWe are a community of artists, makers, entrepreneurs and visionaries, sharing opportunities, wisdom, and eternal connection. Wahzhazhe is who we are. Our language and stories keep us alive."

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With much anticipation for the cinematic translation of a snapshot of the Osage story soon to be released worldwide with β€œKillers of the Flower Moon” - a narrative of trust, betrayal, and murder - tribal leaders focused on a campaign to draw from recurring elements of pride, service, community and endurance that have provided a sense of vitality and belonging through times of celebration or hardship. 

When audiences seek information about the Osage Nation - past and present - they will find a thriving Nation focused on cultural preservation, language revitalization, and community service. 

β€œWe are not relics,” said Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear. 

Wahzhazhe Always includes an explicit call to action for visitors, focusing on education and reminders to respect sacred boundaries across the Reservation of historic landmarks that may be depicted on the big screen. 

The campaign narrative states, β€œWe are Wahzhazhe. Still here. Still moving forward. A Nation to be proud of.” As the Nation has thrived and grown a successful economy with a preserved culture and uplifting services and programs, recurring themes provided by tribal members revolved around then, now, forevermore, leading to various campaign messages of Always Proud, Always Providing and Always Enduring. The overall goal of the campaign is to inspire, encourage and connect the 24,000-plus tribal members in Oklahoma and beyond. 

β€œWahzhazhe people have unique ways and talents to not only build a more beautiful Nation, but ultimately we also support surrounding communities and the state economy at-large,” said Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear. β€œI am proud to be Wahzhazhe. We live our culture.” 

Campaign assets are thoughtfully curated from the Nation’s language, imagery, voices and art. The wordmark consistently includes Wahzhazhe orthography and the typeface compliments the font featured in the Osage Seal. Nation brand colors, Wahzhazhe blue and yellow, are prominently featured, while Wahzhazhe red supports the campaign and was inspired by the Striking the Earth symbol - packaged together as the primary campaign symbol. The Striking the Earth symbol is an historic symbol representing the uniting of the sky and earth used to represent and celebrate the Wahzhazhe people’s endurance and will to survive. β€œπ“·π“˜π“»π“˜π“»π“Ÿ 𐓯π“ͺΝ˜π“―π“ͺΝ˜π“·π“Ÿ | Wahzhazhe Always,” in both Osage and English orthography, are a reminder that our ways and values continue to guide us.

The branding campaign video launch is only one step in many to come throughout 2023. The first 150 Osage tribal members (one per household) at the Sovereignty Day Celebration held on Saturday, March 11, 2023 will receive a free π“·π“˜π“»π“˜π“»π“Ÿ 𐓯π“ͺΝ˜π“―π“ͺΝ˜π“·π“Ÿ | Wahzhazhe Always yard sign. Additional campaign elements include billboards, social media, public service announcement placements, to name a few. In an effort to support Osage-owned businesses, all registered with the Osage Nation Tag Agency will receive a window decal in the mail. Tribal members are encouraged to use the hashtags #π“·π“˜π“»π“˜π“»π“Ÿπ“―π“ͺΝ˜π“―π“ͺΝ˜π“·π“Ÿ and #WahzhazheAlways when celebrating being Wahzhazhe today and everyday. 

Learn more about upcoming events, support services, and opportunities available to all Osage tribal members at OsageNation-NSN.gov. Connect with the Nation. Visit OsageCulture.com.

Campaign questions can be directed to communications@osagenation-nsn.gov