Osage Nation Launches New Culture Website

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Culture is one of the core components of maintaining sovereignty as a tribal nation. It is also one of Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear administration’s strategic focus areas. We have been unable to provide much in-person teaching throughout the public health emergency, and our current website at osagenation-nsn.gov is designed to convey government messaging. In September last year we started working on a platform to bridge that gap, bringing culture and language information to your home, where you can safely continue (or start!) to learn about our culture & language.
Today we are proud to launch a new website. We are starting out with features such as an online dictionary, a media platform, tutorials & guides, as well as 55 lesson plans about our language & culture that match K-12 curriculum. The site also includes content on our history, geography, classes, events, and information that will help future visitors know what we have to offer in Pawhuska and the surrounding area.
We’re not stopping there. We are already working on new features and functionality that will be added over the next six months, including a learning management platform to manage and host online classes, and developing an area to display upcoming multimedia projects that you will absolutely love!
The new Osage Culture website is now available at www.osageculture.com.
At the top of the site you’ll see a link to a survey. After you have had a chance to look around, we would really appreciate a minute of your time to answer a few multichoice questions that will help us keep improving.
You can also email your feedback to feedback@osageculture.com.