Importance of the United States Census 2020

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Census Deadline is now October 31, 2020
Census Information is important for Osage Nation to continue receiving sufficient federal funds to continue much needed services for Osage members. Please complete your Census survey soon.

The United States Census determines how much funding Osage Nation receives each year for the next decade. Every Osage Member counted in the 2020 Census increases funding levels for Osage Nation, which we use to provide critical services to our constituency. If you are an Osage Member, check "American Indian or Alaska Native" at box #9 on the Census survey and enter "Osage Nation" in the blank box below it. You can click on the above image for a larger version, to see more details about this important civic duty.

The United States Census deadline was recently extended through the end of October 2020, and door-to-door operations were halted due to ongoing concerns with the coronavirus pandemic. Please take the time to complete the short survey online. Let your friends and families know the importance of their response.

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