How to Access Osage Nation Congressional Committee Meetings and Sessions

Osage Nation is made stronger when our constituents are active and engaged. While vital, voting is not the only way Osage Nation encourages constituents to be engaged in governmental activities. Each year's first regular congressional session is called the Hun-kah Session, and the second is called the Tzi-sho Session. The schedule is set so that six months shall not intervene between the last sitting of the Congress and its first sitting in the next session. This schedule honors the ancient moiety division of Earth and Sky to remind all Osages of the responsibility to bring balance and harmony to the Nation. 

Per the Osage Nation Constitution, all proceedings of the Osage Nation Congress shall be open and public, except in cases that require confidentiality. In such cases, an Executive Session may be convened when duly voted upon in an open meeting (Section 19). 

Please see the FAQ below to learn more and access Osage Nation Congressional Sessions and Committee Meetings: 

Q: What is the difference between congressional sessions and committee meetings?

A: Congressional Session is any time the full congress is convened, whether regular or special, to discuss Osage Nation Governmental affairs. The Osage Nation Congress may only meet in the interim, the period of time between two sessions, by Committee to study a particular subject or subjects to make recommendations for the next regular session. Committee meetings are vital to Congress’ work during legislative sessions. Bills are assigned to committees for review (and possible amendment), and the committees provide an official recommendation to Congress on whether the bill should be passed. Committee information can be found at

Q: Are Osage Nation Congressional Sessions available to the public? 

A: Yes. All congressional sessions, both regular and special, are made accessible to the public both in video and audio. The public is welcome to attend in person; however, seating is limited. 

Q: How and where can Osage Nation Congressional Sessions be accessed? 

A: There are multiple ways to access sessions. 

Q. Are Osage Nation Congressional Committee Meetings available to the public?

A. Yes. All congressional committee meetings are made accessible to the public through live audio. In addition, audio recordings, agendas, and meeting minutes can be found for each committee on their respective web pages:

Q: How and where can Osage Nation Congressional Committee Meetings be accessed? 

A: There are multiple ways to access committee meetings. 

Q: How do I know what will be discussed? 

A: Both session and committee meeting agendas are posted on the Osage Nation Government’s Latest Events web page at and the Legislative Building at 621 Grandview, Pawhuska, OK. In addition information can be found on the Congress Session Information Hub:

Osage Nation Legislative Branch information, such as contact information, committee lists, etc., is available at