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The goal of teaching people better nutrition through growing, gathering and hunting for food for the family is a part of the traditions of the Osage. Growing, gathering and hunting for food were the common methods to provide nutrition in days past. Osage Nation has been awarded the “Good Health & Wellness in Indian Country” grant from Southern Plains Tribal Health Board to help continue those traditions.

GROW is the first phase of the program. We will have a gardening class taught by OSU Extension Master Gardeners in each of the three villages and one for the Elders in Senior Housing. Participants will learn skills to have a successful garden. Look for dates in the months of March and April.

GATHER is the second phase of the program. We will have a classes on identification of both edible and medicinal plants. Participants will learn how to make their own topical salve using plants they will learn to gather. Look for dates of classes in each village the months of April and May.

HUNT is the third phase of the program. Public Health Nursing, Community Health Representative, Cultural Center, Prevention, Diabetes, Environmental Resources, and Fitness Center along with other guest speakers, will be conducting a 3-day daytime camp for kids ages 10-14. This camp will teach the youth cultural ways our ancestors hunted. Kids will learn to make fish spears, use a fish basket, fish with a pole, make snares and gain archery skills. Along with these skills, they will learn how to stay healthy by physical activity, growing traditional foods, diabetes prevention, safety in the outdoors, and avoiding commercial tobacco. The dates for camp are May 30th, 31st and June 1st. More information and applications to come soon.

The final part will be during the summer. We will teach participants in each village how to preserve our gardens as our grandmothers did by learning how to can their foods and how to dehydrate and store to have home grown foods all winter long. Look for opportunities to join us and learn how to keep your family healthy, learning how to put traditional foods back into your traditions. For more information, contact Jaime Clark, Public Health Nursing at 918-287-5482.

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Jaime Clark BSN RN
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Office Phone: 918-287-5482

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