Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting

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Friday, October 4, 2019 - 10:00am to 12:00pm


Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting

October 4, 2019

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Osage Law Building, Room 121


Opening prayer Welcome
Roll call
Osage Book Club, October 25, 2019 12:00–1:00, The Osage: Children of the Middles Waters by John Joseph Matthews, pg. 650-692, Osage County Health Department (Hunter)
Approval of Minutes
September 6, 2019
New Business
Language Department Update (Bighorse)
Wha-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center Update (Hudgins)
Osage Nation Museum Update (Marla Redcorn-Miller)
Sikelia Productions, Osage Home Interiors – Marianne Bower (Hunter)
Old Business, Update/Discussion
NAGPRA Clarksville Mound Group Case Update (Hunter, O’Donnell, Currey)
ONHPO Activities September 6th, 2019 to October 4th, 2019
Nelvada Dean Trust Survey, Missouri, Sept. 4-6 (O’Donnell, Fox)
ONHPO Legal Strategy Call, Sept. 6 (Hunter, O’Donnell, Currey, Trumbly) IHS MOAs Review Meeting, Sept. 6 (Hunter, Rodgers, Currey)
Don Robinson State Park Meeting, Cedar Hill, MO Sept. 7 (Fox) Robertsville State Park Meeting, Robertsville, MO Sept. 7 (Fox) St. Francois State Park Meeting, Bon Terre, MO Sept. 7 (Fox)
Smithsonian Portrait of Shunkamola Meeting, Hominy, OK Sept. 8 (Hunter)
Mark Twain National Forest NAGPRA Collection Review, Columbia, MO Sept. 9-14 (O’Donnell, Akers)
Oklahoma Army National Guard Meeting, Norman, OK, Sept. 9-12 (Rodgers, Munkres) Internal To Bridge A Gap Planning Meeting, Sept. 9 (All Staff)
MRRIC Human Considerations Work Group Call, Sept. 9 (Hunter, Fox, Enzi) BIA/BLM EIS Cooperating Agency Call, Sept. 10 (Hunter)
U.S. Forest Service Region 9 Call, Sept. 10 (Hunter) Monthly Ozark St. Francis FS Tribal Call, 11 (Hendrix)
Castlewood State Park Meeting, Ballwin, MO, Sept. 12 (Neff) Knob Noster State Park, Knob Noster, MO, Sept. 12 (Hendrix) Kentucky NRCS Teleconference, Sept. 12 (Hunter, Munkres) Pea Ridge Ethnobotany Project Call, Sept. 12 (Hunter, Akers)
Gilcrease Museum Lunch and Tour with Chief, Sept. 12 (Hunter)
Missouri Life Osage Documentary Consultation Meeting, Greg Wood, Sept. 13 (Hunter) Repatriation Working Group Call, Sept. 13 (Hunter)
ONHPO Legal Strategy Call, Sept. 13 (Hunter, O’Donnell, Currey, Trumbly) Graham Cave State Park Meeting, Danville, MO, Sept. 14 (Jacobs)
Illiniwek State Park Meeting, Revere, MO, Sept. 14 (Munkres) Wakonda State Park Meeting, La Grange, MO, Sept. 14 (Munkres)
Internal To Bridge A Gap Planning Meeting Call, Sept. 16 (Hunter, O’Donnell, Hendrix, Munkres, Fox, Rodgers)
FS To Bridge A Gap Planning Meeting, Sept. 16 (All Staff) Osage Language-Never Ever, Sept. 16 (Hendrix, O’Donnell) Osage Language-Beginner, Sept. 17 (Neff, Enzi)
MRRIC Joint Fish/HC Work Group Call, Sept. 18 (Neff)
Tennessee Valley Authority Consultation Call, Sept. 19 (Hunter, Munkres)
Fort Leonard Wood MOA Development Conference Call, Sept. 19 (Hunter, O’Donnell) FCC Broadband Online Meeting, Sept. 19 (Hunter)
Indian Health Services PA Conference Call, Sept. 20 (Hunter) Mastodon State Park Meeting, Imperiol, MO, Sept. 21 (O’Donnell) Lewis and Clark Trail Meeting, St. Louis, MO, Sept. 22-26 (O’Donnell) BIA/BLM EIS Cooperating Agency Call, Sept. 24 (Rodgers)
Osage Language-Beginner, Sept. 24 (Neff)
USACE Little Rock District Wind Farm Projects Call, Sept. 26 (Hunter, Rodgers) Persimmon Project Study Trip Planning Meeting, Sept. 26 (All Staff)
Tulsa Race Riot Mass Graves Public Oversight Committee Meeting, Tulsa, OK. Sept. 26 (Hunter) Internal To Bridge A Gap Planning Meeting Call w/ Caven Clark, Sept. 27 (Hendrix, Munkres, Fox,
Show-Me Power Electric Niangua Project Call, Sept. 30 (Hunter, Munkres) Osage Language-Never Ever, Sept. 30 (Hendrix, O’Donnell)
Osage Language-Beginner, Oct. 1 (Neff, Enzi) eCivis Training, Oct. 2 (Hunter, O’Donnell)
MRRIC HydroViz Training Webinar, Oct. 2 (Enzi, Fox)
Osage History Presentation, Salina Public Library, KS, Oct. 3-4 (Hunter) Cultural Resources Law Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Oct. 3-4 (Munkres, Hendrix)


Next Meeting: November 1, 2019 10:00 a.m., Osage Nation Law Building, R
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