Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting

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Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting
May 11, 2017
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Conference Room-Suite 211, Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office
First National Bank, Pawhuska


1.  Opening prayer
2.  Welcome
3.  Roll call
4.  Announcements
          Osage Book Club, 12:00–1:00, May 19th, Art of the Osage by Bailey/Swan, Intro, Ch. 1-2 (Hunter)
5.  Approval of Minutes
          April 7, 2017
6.  New Business
          Osage Nation Museum updates (Kimberly McCauley)
          Wha-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center update (Addie Hudgins)
          Family songs (Addie Hudgins)
7.  Old Business, Update/Discussion
          Spider issue (Hunter, Jacobs)
          NAGPRA Clarksville Mound case update (Hunter, O’Donnell)
          NAGPRA Mark Twain case update (Hunter, O’Donnell)
          Osage Heritage Sites Visit update (O’Donnell)
8.  ONHPO Activities Apr. 7th, 2017 to May 10th, 2017
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, Apr. 7-8 (Jacobs, O’Donnell, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, Apr. 10-15 (Neff, Fox, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          FCC teleconference call, Apr. 10 (Hunter)
          Osage Heritage Site Visit Meeting, Apr. 10 (all staff)
          ONHPO Staff meeting, Apr. 10 (all staff)
          MRRIC Webinar, Apr. 11 (Enzi)
          Mark Twain Natl. FS consultation meeting, Pawhuska, Apr. 11 (Hunter, O’Donnell, Rodgers)
          FY17 budget modification meeting with Congress, Apr. 11 (Hunter)
          OHSV orientation meeting for constituents, Pawhuska, Apr. 11 (O’Donnell)
          Lunch with Language-I, Apr. 12 (Hunter, Rodgers, Enzi, O’Donnell, Cheshewalla, Vincent)
          FCC teleconference call, Apr. 12 (Hunter)
          Lunch with Language-II, Apr. 13 (Jacobs)
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, Apr. 17-22 (Rodgers, Munkres, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          OHSV, St. Louis, MO area, Apr. 17-21 (Hunter, Cheshewalla, Neff, Fox, Jacobs, O’Donnell)
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, Apr. 22-29 (Jacobs, O’Donnell, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          ONHPO Staff meeting, Apr. 24 (all staff)
          Lunch with Language-I, Apr. 26 (Rodgers, Enzi, Cheshewalla, Vincent, Neff)
          Missouri legal issues meeting with Chief, Apr. 26 (Hunter)
          MRRIC PA consultation meeting, Pawhuska, Apr. 27 (Hunter, Fox)
          Lunch with Language-II, Apr. 27 (Fox)
          City of Enid, Kaw Lake water take project, consultation, Pawhuska, Apr. 28 (Hunter, Fox, Curry)
          Pea Ridge Natl. Park burial cairn identification trip, Arkansas, May 1-2 (O’Donnell, Fox)
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, May 1-6 (Rodgers, Neff, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          Lunch with Language-I, May 3 (Hunter, O’Donnell, Cheshewalla, Vincent)
          Lunch with Language-II, May 4 (Fox, Jacobs)
          Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK and AR, May 6-10 (Munkres, Fox, Bridgeman, Duncan)
          MRRIC agency update webinar, May 9 (Enzi)
          MRRIC Tribal Interests Work Group Call, May 10 (Hunter, Enzi)
          FY18 budget review with Chief of Operations, May 10 (Hunter)
          Lunch with Language-I, May 10 (Hunter, Enzi, O’Donnell, Cheshewalla, Vincent, Neff)
9.  Next Meeting: July 7, 2017 10:00 a.m., Conference Room, First National Bank

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