Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting

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Friday, April 7, 2017 - 10:00am

Traditional Cultural Advisors Meeting
April 7, 2017
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Conference Room-Suite 211, Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office

First National Bank, Pawhuska



Opening prayer.


Roll call

Announcements Osage Book Club, 12:00–1:00, Apr. 28th, Art of the Osage by Garrick Bailey and Daniel C. Swan (Hunter)
Approval of Minutes

March 10, 2017
New Business
Osage Nation Museum updates (Kimberly McCauley)
ONHPO Activities March 11th, 2017 to April 7th, 2017
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-AR/OK, Mar. 12-18 (Neff)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-AR, Mar. 12-19 (Jacobs)
MRRIC Webinar, Mar. 13 (Hunter)
Cultural Academy Planning Meeting, Mar. 14 (Rodgers)
Lunch with Language-Beginning, Mar. 15 (Neff, Enzi, O’Donnell, Cheshewalla, Vincent)
Lunch with Language-Advanced, Mar. 16 (Fox)
Natl. NAGPRA Review Committee Meeting, Denver, Co., Mar. 14-17 (Hunter)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-OK, Mar. 19-26 (O’Donnell)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-AR, Mar. 19-26 (Rodgers)
Osage Heritage Site Visit Meeting, Mar. 20 (All Staff)
Marsha Bland Property Survey, Mar. 21, (Hunter, Jacobs)
FCC Enforcement Issues Call, Mar. 21 (Cheshewalla)
Lunch with Language-Beginning, Mar. 22 (Neff, Enzi, Cheshewalla, Vincent)
Lunch with Language-Advanced, Mar. 23 (Fox)
Osage Book Club, Mar. 24 (All Staff)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline- OK, Mar. 26-Apr. 2 (Munkres)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-AR, Mar. 26-Apr. 2 (Fox)
Gilcrease Museum Meeting, Mar. 28 (Hunter, O’Donnell)
Osage Heritage Site Visit Meeting, Mar. 28 (All Staff)
Lunch with Language-Beginning, Mar. 29 (Hunter, Neff, Enzi, O’Donnell, Cheshewalla, Rodgers,
Lunch with Language-Advanced, Mar. 30 (Jacobs)
MRRIC Tribal Consultation Meeting, Mar. 31 (Hunter, Fox, Enzi, Rodgers, TCA)

Monitoring Diamond Pipeline- OK, Apr. 2-9 (Jacobs)
Monitoring Diamond Pipeline-AR, Apr. 2-9 (O’Donnell)
ONHPO Annual Plan Meeting, Apr. 3 (All Staff)
Traditional Garden Plot Meeting, Apr. 3 (All Staff)
Hopewell Arch. Call, Apr. 4 (Hunter, O’Donnell)
New Hire Orientation, Apr. 5 (Rogers)
Osage Academy-Communicating Clearly, Apr. 5 (Fox)
FCC Call, Apr. 5 (Hunter)
Lunch with Language-Beginning, Apr. 5 (Hunter, Neff, Enzi, Cheshewalla) Lunch with Language-Advanced, Apr. 6 (Fox)
Field Museum Interview, Apr. 7 (Hunter)
Next Meeting:  May 5, 2017 10:00 a.m., Conference Room, First National Bank


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