Osage Nation Health Authority Board

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Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Osage Nation Health Authority Board


DATE/TIME:    Thursday, March 23, 2017, 3:00 pm

LOCATION:  Osage County Health Department – Community Room

1115 E. 15th Street, Pawhuska, OK 74056


This notice is posted in accordance with ONCA 07-53, the Osage Nation Open Meeting Act.  The Osage Nation Health Authority Board may discuss, make motions, and vote upon all matters appearing on this agenda, such votes may be to adopt, reject, table, rescind, or take no action on any agenda item.  This meeting is open to the public.




  1. Call to  Order
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Roll Call
  4. Minutes
    1. February 16, 2017 Regular Meeting
  5. Treasury Financial Report, Cecelia Tallchief
    1. Financials & Budget Update
  6. Strategic Planning and Self Governance, Candy Thomas
    1. IHS Medical Equipment Grant
    2. Self-Governance Annual Conference, Spokane, Washington
  7.  Old Business
    1.      Clinic Update, Paula Stabler
    2. Health Division Update, Manon Tillman
    3. Strategic Planning Update, Chris Walker
  8. New Business
  9. Public Comments
  10. Executive Session
    1. FY18 IHS Contractual Negotiations, Candy Thomas
    2. Physician Contract, Board Members & Scott Johnson
    3. Appointment/Privileging-Dentist, Laura Sawney
    4. OB-GYN Doctor, Manon Tillman
    5. Residential Treatment Center, Manon Tillman
  11. Action Taken from Executive Session
  12. Schedule Next Meeting: 
  13. Adjourn
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