Governmental Operations Committee Meeting

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Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:45pm

Governmental Operations Committee Meeting

Osage Nation Congress Chambers

April 9, 2015

1:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Revised Agenda


  1.  Call to Order
  2.  Roll Call
  3.  Prayer
  4.  Approval of Minutes
  5. Consideration of ONCA 15-22, An Act to amend 26 ONC § 2-115 of the Osage Nation Revenue and Taxation Act to allow a larger percentage of the state tax rebate collected by the Nation be returned to licensed wholesalers on behalf of the retailers or to retailers directly; to set a termination date for the fund; and to establish an alternate effective date. (Whitehorn)
  6. Consideration of ONCA 15-23, An Act to amend and restate the law governing special session of the Osage Nation Congress, 15 ONC § 1-102 through § 1-105 to define national emergency; to require legislation to be filed and listed by number on the proclamation; and to establish an alternate effective date. (Whitehorn)
  7. Consideration of ONCA 15-38, An Act to amend ONCA 14-75 to provide a supplemental appropriation to the Division of Governmental Operation for fiscal year 2015 in the amount of two million one hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred ninety six dollars ($2,179,996) with three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000) contingent upon receipt from the Gaming Enterprise; to supersede ONCA 14-10 and ONCA 15-05 by including three million seventeen thousand five hundred dollars ($3,017,500) in this appropriation amendment; and to change the Division composition. (Walker)
  8. Consideration of ONCA 15-41, An Act to provide an appropriation to the Attorney general of the Osage Nation for fiscal year 2015 in the amount of one million two hundred fifty five thousand six hundred forty six dollars ($1,255,646). (Whitehorn)
  9.  Adjournment
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