Gaming Commission Board Meeting - Revised Agenda

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Monday, August 15, 2016 - 10:00am to 12:00pm


Public Notice of Gaming Commissioners Meeting
DATE/TIME: Monday, August 15, 2016, at 10:00 AM
LOCATION: 612 Leahy Avenue, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

This notice is posted in accordance with 15 ONC § 7-101, as amended, the Osage Nation Open Meetings Act. The Osage Nation Gaming Commissioners may discuss, make motions and vote upon all matters appearing on this agenda, such votes may be to adopt, reject, table, rescind, or take no action on any agenda item. This meeting is open to the public.

1. Call to Order
2. Opening Prayer
3. Roll Call
4. Commissioners to review, consider, and take action regarding the minutes of the 07/11/2016 Meeting.
5. Reports:
       i. ONGC Director
      ii. Reports from Osage Nation Dignitaries
     iii. Citizen’s Input
6. Commissioners to review, consider, and take action on any new business not previously discussed.
       i. Present Timeline on RSM External Audit
      ii. Discuss Moving Surveillance and Surveillance IT to ONGE, and Act if Necessary
     iii. Present and Discuss Memorandum for Tulsa Expansion - Construction Licensing
     iv. Present Information NIGC and Update on Grandfathered Games
      v. Present EPHS Training Program and Discuss Request for EPHS Training
     vi. Present Invoices for Surveillance IT, Licensing, and Attorney
    vii. Present and Discuss the following Osage Casino SICS for approval
         * SICS 0164-001 Cage Operations
         * SICS 0120-001 Table Games Section 10: Shuffle
         * SICS 0120-001 Table Games Section 18: Three Card Poker
         * SICS 0120-001 Table Games Section 20: Three Card Poker Progressive
         * SICS 0120-001 Table Games Section 27: Lunar Poker
         * SICS 0162-001 Drop and Count Section 1: Drop and Count Schedule Notification
         * SICS 1576-002 General Operations Section 1: Tip Handling
         * SICS 1570-001 Accounting Section 19 WAP Fees
         * SICS 0601-001 Entertainment Section 1: Venue Operations
         * SICS 0100-001 Gaming Machines Section 1: Credit Purchase and Redemption
7. Commissioners to review, consider, and take action on any old business.
8. Commissioners to review, consider, and take action, if necessary, on any of the above reports.
9. Proposed executive session to discuss confidential proprietary, investigative, and/or personnel matters.
       i. ONPD
      ii. Discuss ONGE Email Incident Report
     iii. Discuss Licensing Matters
     iv. Update: ONGE Lender Presentation – Executive Summary
      v. Financials on ONGC & ONGE
     vi. Discuss Email from NIGC
    vii. Personnel Issues: New Hires/Transfers, Resignations/Terminations, Disciplinary/Evaluations
10. Vote to return to open session.
11. Commissioners to take action, if necessary, on any item discussed in executive session.
12. Set the date and time for the next meeting.
13. Adjourn.

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