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Community Exhibit: OSAGE 2020: Views from Within

Entry Deadline: Saturday, November 14, 2020
Exhibition Dates: December 18, 2020 – February 12, 2021.
Virtual Opening: December 18, 2020 at 7 pm.

Media: painting; printmaking; drawing; photography; collage; 2D digital art, sculpture; ceramics; jewelry; textiles, including designed facemasks as well as fingerweaving, ribbonwork, and beadwork.  Artwork must be created post March 1, 2020. Subject of art does not have to be about Covid-19 specifically, just made during pandemic period.

OSAGE 2020: Views from Within provides a space for Osages to share the creative work that they have been engaged in since the Spring of 2020 when the United States first began experiencing the effects of COVID-19. Today, with the rest of the world, our people have been striving to maintain and stabilize our families, communities and districts during the global pandemic.  How have these experiences affected your creative work? What thoughts or ideas about the pandemic would you like to share? The gallery space at ONM is being offered as a forum to relate these experiences. There is no lack of evidence supporting the healing and therapeutic properties of art making, and the ONM would like to be a space where we can gather as a community – either physically or virtually – to share and learn from another and support one another through the exchange of ideas. The ONM is partnering with the WahZhaZhi Health Center that provides counseling and support services for Osages and other indigenous tribes.

Submission Requirements

  • In person: please bring your art to the Osage Nation Museum during art intake hours: Tuesday-Saturday: November 3 – November 14 from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • One submission of artwork per artist.
  • Proof of Osage Nation tribal membership.
  • Artist statement (250 words max)
  • All 2D artwork must be securely WIRED AND READY TO HANG. (No saw tooth hangers), 2D not to exceed 48 x 48 in. For framed works under glass, please provide a digital photo of piece (300 dpi) taken prior to framing
  • Facemasks are required during art intake at the Museum
  • Artist headshots for the exhibit will be taken during art intake

Pick-Up: Art must be picked up February 15-26. The ONM is not responsible for artworks that remain in our space after February 26, 2021. After deadline, artworks may be donated for auction or sale or discarded.

Questions? Contact Marla Redcorn-Miller 918-287-5222 or