2018 Important Election Notice

2018 General Election Candidates List

2018 General Election Certified Candidates List

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  • Filing for Candidacy forms are available on our website, or you can request them by calling or emailing our office.
  • Candidates must be an enrolled Osage Member.
  • A felony conviction cannot appear on a Candidate’s certified court record.
  • Proof of a separate bank account in the name of the Candidate or the Candidate’s Campaign must be provided upon filing.
  • Candidates must show their Osage Nation Membership Card and Government Issued Photo ID upon filing.



  • Filing begins February 6th and ends March 12th.
  • Candidate must be at least 25 years of age on the date of the election
  • The filing fee is $300 and must be in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order made out to the Osage Nation Election Office.

Filing for Candidacy forms

Individuals interested in filing for office that have any further questions, please feel free to contact us during regular office hours using the contact information provided in the top right of this page.



Date Description
February 6 Filing for Congress begins.
February 19 Election Office Closed – President's Day.
March 12 Filing for Congress ends.
March 16 Election Office Closed - Osage Nation Sovereignty Day (Observed).
April 20 Deadline to submit Absentee Ballot Request Form
April 30 Absentee Ballot Mailing begins.
May 28 Election Office Closed - Memorial Day.
June 1 Early Voting Day 1.
June 2 Early Voting Day 2.
June 4 General Election Day.
June 5 Election Office Closed.


If you are unable to open a document, please contact the Election Office for assistance by phone at 1-877-560-5286 or by e-mail electionoffice@osagenation-nsn.gov and a copy of the document can be provided to you.

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