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Social Services Director: LaDonna Shadlow 

Phone: 918-287-5243
Fax: 918-287-5231

Physical Address: 255 Senior Drive, Pawhuska, OK 74056
Mailing Address: 255 Senior Drive, Pawhuska, OK 74056



LaDonna Shadlow, Director of Social Services
Director of Osage Nation Social Services, LaDonna Shadlow

To preserve and support a full and abundant Osage way of life while protecting and encouraging at-risk Osage children and elders by guiding and empowering such individuals to develop healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.


To provide protection, reunification or long-term stability designed to strengthen and support Osage Indian children and families within the Osage Nation and any other areas in which they may be located while protecting and maintaining the connection between Osage children and the Osage Nation.


To ensure the safety of all family members; to avoid the unnecessary out-of-home placement of children; to help children who are in out-of-home status return to and be maintained with their families or another planned permanent living arrangement; to enhance the parent’s ability to create safe, stable, and nurturing home environments that promote healthy child development; and to assist children and families to resolve crisis, connect them with necessary and appropriate services, and remain safely together in their homes whenever possible.


Osage Nation Social Services consists of a Director, Business Systems Analyst, a Social Work Supervisor, and seven Social Workers.

The Director is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Social Services Department, including Child Protection, Adult Protection, IIM Supervision, Indian Child Welfare, Foster Care, Adoptions, Family Preservation, and the Osage Nation Child Welfare Information System. The Director also provides direct supervision to the Adult Social Services Social Worker responsible for Adult Protective Services.

The Social Work Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day management and supervision of the social workers in the Social Services Department, while assisting the Director with the overall planning and management of programs for children, seniors, and families.

The Child Protection Specialist receives referrals; completes investigations; prepares and coordinates legal documents for presentation to courts; attends court hearings and provides testimony; informs courts of department policies and procedures; and serves as an expert witness.

The Indian Child Welfare Specialists provide social work services and case management to Indian children and families served by the Osage Nation Social Services Department; prepare court reports; attend and testify at court hearings; and work with community partners to provide support and resources for families.

The Foster Care Specialist develops and maintains foster family resources; responsible for planning, facilitating, and participating in resource recruitment events.

The Indian Child Welfare Adoption Specialist develops and maintains case plans and treatment plans; attends and testifies at court hearings; and conducts home visits, case assessments, and adoption home studies.

The Adult Social Services Specialists conduct investigations of alleged abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of Osage adults; supervise Individual Indian Monies Accounts after completing initial assessment; and provide case management for supervised accounts.

Important Documents

Osage Nation Social Services Child and Family Service Plan