Veterans Memorial Commission


The Osage Veterans Memorial Commission, formerly the War Memorial Commission, was established by the Osage Nation Congress in 2011. The purpose of the Commission is to follow the Osage Nation tradition of honoring Osage veterans and to provide a physical reminder for present and future generations of the contributions and sacrifices of Osage veterans and their families."

Register a Veteran

To register a name for the Veterans Memorial, you can submit the required information using our online form. You will need to supply a digital copy of the person's DD214 or mail in a physical copy.

Board Members


ONCA 11-68 - "An Act to authorize and appropriate five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for the Osage War memorial fund; to authorize the establishment of the Osage Nation War Memorial Commission; to establish the Osage Nation War Memorial Fund as a revolving fund; to provide selection of the site, an architectural design contest, and administration of the Osage Nation War Memorial; to establish an alternate effective date."

ONCA 13-99 - "An Act to amend ONCA 11-86 to reduce the appropriation to the Osage War memorial Fund by three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350, 000); and to establish an alternate effective date."

ONCA 13-10 - "An Act to amend Chapter 4 of the Osage Nation revenue and Taxation Act of 2006 on Taxation and Registration of Motor Vehicles, 26 ONCA 4-101 et. seq.; to define disabled veteran and Osage elder; to create additional category of passenger automobile plate for Osage elders; and to waive, on a limited basis, the registration tax for disabled veterans and Osage elders."

Important Documents