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In late summer 2022, the Osage Nation received multi-million-dollar grants to build a “Fiber Optic Broadband Network” to bring faster and more reliable internet connectivity to residents and businesses throughout the Osage Nation service area. The competitive grants include a $40.6 million Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program Grant and a $13.9 million ReConnect3 Grant Program from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In response, the Osage Nation has formed a new department known as Wahzhazhe Connect, which is currently building staff to support the critical broadband infrastructure for the Osage Nation under the Secretary of Development, Christian Johnson. The construction project will lay more than 200 miles of fiber optics and erect 16 towers throughout the Osage Nation service area over the next two years. 

“These grants are game changers for the Osage Nation and all those who reside in our service area,” said Secretary Johnson. “We need experienced folks who can manage these massive projects efficiently and without delays. I am excited about how this team is coming together and look forward to progress updates as they continue to push forward.” 


Dr. James Trumbly

Dr. James Trumbly brings more than 40 years of experience in the Information Technology field as a Project Manager and Systems Analyst. Dr. Trumbly is a member of the Eagle Clan from Pawhuska. He descends from original allottees 
Oliver Trumbly, Julian Trumbly, and Eliza Tinker. His great, great, great, great grandfather was Pawhuska (White Hair).

“As we build out the network, what’s in the forefront of our minds is what’s best for the Osage people,” Trumbly said. “Our language department can improve distance learning. We can increase online culture and language classes. The health clinic can increase telehealth.

The Osage Nation Museum can create virtual exhibitions. This is in addition to connecting and maintaining that thread from generation to generation, linking us with our ancestors and descendants.”

Trumbly has served on the faculty at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas at El Paso. Trumbly also worked as the Sr. Project Manager for the Program Management Office (PMO) while with Electronic Data Systems (now Hewlett Packard on the MCI/WorldCom Account overseeing the PMO for the entire Network Infrastructure organization.

He is a Certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute, has worked with the Federal Government as a defense contractor for the Air Force Research Laboratory, and served in Afghanistan as a system designer and trainer. Dr. Trumbly attended the University of Oklahoma for his BBA in Management and Texas A&M for a Master’s in Business Computing Sciences. His Doctorate in Business Administration is from Mississippi State University.

Email: james.trumbly@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone: (918) 287-5534

Wahzhazhe Connect staff members (in alphabetical order):


Keirsten Dailey

Kiersten Dailey: Procurement Coordinator

Kiersten is a member of the Eagle Clan from the Hominy District and lives in Hominy. She is married to Brandon Wallace, the Osage Nation’s Construction Manager. Together, they have five children: Rayven, Cierra, Ella Jo, Kannon, and Olivia. Kiersten descends from Tom Bigchief, and the current matriarch and eldest living relative in her family is her grandmother, Marilyn (Hopper) Dailey.

“In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my large, close-knit family,” Kiersten says. “I also enjoy watching my children participate in sporting events, spending time outdoors, and watching movies.”

On the job, Kiersten drives all of Wahzhazhe Connect’s activity in obtaining goods and services needed to support the daily operations of staff, contractors, and sub-contractors. Kiersten’s responsibilities include sourcing, negotiating terms, and purchasing items. Kiersten brings ten years of professional experience working for the Osage Nation. Most recently, she handled procurement and other professional services for Wahzhazhe-owned Dailey Technologies, a software company based in Tulsa.

“The broadband team is an amazing team to work with, and the broadband project is going to bring much-needed services to Osage County,” Kiersten says.

Email: kiersten.dailey@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone: (918) 287-4118


Dave Madden

Dave Madden: Warehouse Manager

Larry David (Dave) Madden, Jr. manages thousands of tons of fiber optic and construction materials and coordinates equipment inventory used by Wahzhazhe Connect’s staff and construction crews. He also ensures that all incoming and outgoing inventory is processed according to the funding source of materials.

Dave is from Pawhuska and is the son of Larry Madden and Susan Hamilton. He and his wife, Tara Madden, live in Dewey with their three children, Haley Little Starr Madden, Alexis Rain Madden, and Daniel Sky Madden. Dave currently serves as a committeeman for the Zonzoli district in Hominy. Dave has worked in a variety of construction fields and feels grateful to bring his professional experience home to serve his Osage people.

“I was initially attracted to this project by the newness of the idea of an Osage-owned and operated broadband service,” Dave says. Broadband is an interesting field with a variety of skills that can be learned and applied to the project and beyond. I feel that this project will help the Osage people immensely and improve the lives of those who receive these services.”

Although he won’t admit it, Dave is considered one of the best traditional beadworkers. His long list of current orders includes fans, dance sticks, drops, hat bands, and full dance outfits. When he’s not working on beadwork projects, Dave attends tribal functions and dances regularly at powwows. He is an avid fisherman and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Email: dave.madden@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone: (918) 287-3216


Drew Tiger: Senior Project Manager 

Drew Tiger was raised in Pawhuska Indian Camp with his parents, Dr. John Tiger (Euchee/Delaware) and Olivia St. John Lookout (Osage/Chickasaw). The family’s Osage name before the government changed it to St. John was Shon-pa-nan-zhin. Drew has served on the Pawhuska District committee for more than 50 years, having held positions from Water Boy to Committee Member.

As Senior Project Manager for Wahzhazhe Connect, Drew manages the Fiber-to-the-Home projects, part of the “final mile” in the broadband network. Drew’s construction teams connect the fiber from the main trunk lines in the “middle mile,” located along highways and streets directly to homes. 
Drew says that being part of a start-up can be uncertain at times as Wahzhazhe Connect works to establish a new department in a new industry.

“It’s normal to be apprehensive working on a new project in a new company,” Drew says. “Trust your skill set and knowledge base while expressing the willingness to learn.” Drew is working toward getting a Project Management Certification to strengthen his knowledge base for the broadband expansion. Drew coaches in the United States America Volleyball (USAV) league on weekends.

He serves as a Juniors Coach, with his team comprised of 15-year-old female athletes. Drew has spent 24 years courtside as a head coach and 23 years as a club owner.

Email: drew.tiger@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone: (918) 287-4112


Aaron Usrey

Aaron Usrey:  Broadband Data Analyst

Aaron is a member of the Buffalo Clan from Greyhorse and lives in Fairfax where he is closely connected with friends and family including his Mother, Georgann Tallchief.  His Grandfather George Tallchief, past Principal Chief of the Osage Tribe and Great-Grandfather Eves Tallchief, an Original Allotee both were prominent members of these communities.

As an Analyst, Aaron brings 25 years of data management to his role with Wahzhazhe Connect. Working in the Arctic Circle in conjunction with British Petroleum in their Oil/Gas Inspection and Corrosion Prevention/Maintenance programs has provided extensive opportunities for both work specific and life experiences of which he is extremely grateful. 

“There are very few things in life that take my breath away more than sitting still, and watching a Polar Bear with her cub meandering through the icy tundra on a sunny day”. Attending the University of Western Oregon in the Social Sciences division as a European History Major and travelling extensively, with periods of time living in Greece and Ireland, has been his passion.

Having returned to Oklahoma over much of his life for both family and traditional ties, the draw for a more permanent experience had been on his mind.  When an opportunity arose in which Aaron could both utilize his experience to aid in the creation of such a monumental project as Osage Broadband for the tribe, and at the same time become more fully immersed in the culture which, “Feels like home”, it was an ideal opportunity.  “The Broadband Team has been a wonderful resource of knowledge, both professionally and culturally for which I feel truly blessed!”

Email: ​ aaron.usrey@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone (​918) 287-0088



Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams: Project Manager

Curtis Williams, a member of the Longhair Clan of the Cherokee Nation, resides in Bartlesville, OK. He descends from the Blackbird family, who settled in Southwest Arkansas following the removal. Curtis is married to Gretchen Williams, a citizen of the Delaware Tribe of Indians. Together, they have three children -Ashlyn Hopkins of Arizona, Blakely Graves of Catoosa, OK, and Grady Williams of Bartlesville -along with two sons-in-law, Bailey Hopkins and Tanner Graves.

“I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, and spending time outdoors with my family,” Curtis says. His favorite quote is from John Wayne: “Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go! We’re burnin’ daylight!”

Curtis earned his undergraduate degree from Missouri Southern State University and his Master of Business Administration from Baker College. He dedicated 32 years to Healthcare Administration and Higher Education before retiring, including 18 years teaching Healthcare Administration and Small Business Management at Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Oklahoma City University. For the past two years, Curtis has held positions in Tribal Government, spending the last year writing grants for the Osage Nation, including those for Broadband Deployment and Construction.

As Project Manager for Wahzhazhe Connect, Curtis manages the “Middle Mile” broadband network. 

Email: curtis.williams@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone: (918) 287-5511


For media and general inquiries, please call (918) 287-5532, email Russ Tallchief at russ.tallchief@osagenation-nsn.gov, visit https://www.osagenation-nsn.gov/services/wahzhazhe-connect, Follow us on Facebook @WahzhazheConnect