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Building Open Access to the Geological Resources of Oklahoma
David Brown, Associate Director of Oklahoma Geological Survey & Richie Tarver, Manager, Oklahoma Petroleum Information Center

Adding value to Produced Gas
David Gann, President & CEO Martindale Consultants, Inc.

Influence on Structure of Mississippian Paleotophography & Distribution of the Pennsylvania Red Fork & Lower Skinner Sandstones in Parts of Noble, Pawnee & Osage Counties, OK
Dr. Jim Puckette, Ass Professor & Geoscience Education Chair, Boone Pickens School of Geology, OK State Univ.

Dinner Keynote
Dr. Kyle Dean, Director, Center for Native American & Urban Studies OK City Univ., Ass. Dir. Steven C. Agee Economic Research & Policy Institute, Associate Professor of Economics

Decadal Profile of Production & Injection in the Stack, Oklahoma
Kyle Murray, Phd, Hydrogeologist, OK Geological Survey & Adjunct Faculty for the ConocoPhillips School of Geology & Geophysics Univ of OK

EPA Region 6 – Priorities & Developments in Oil & Gas
Ken McQueen, Administrator EPA Region 6

Luncheon Keynote
Mike Kuykendall, Geoscience Manager, Felix Energy, LLC

Horizontal Plays of the Mississippian Deposits, Osage Co., OK: A Look Back, (and Gaze Forward) Target Landing, Completion & Production
Shane Matson, Director of Geology, Jericho Oil Corporation

Osage Producer Roundtable & Panel Discussion
Shane Matson, Dir. Geology, Jericho Oil Corp.; William Pipestem, OMC Legal Council; Dr. Carrie Hall, Ass Prof Ecology & Biology NHU; Scott Ducharme, Osage Co. Operator/Producer; Charles Wickstrom, Osage Co. Operator/Producer; Fred Storer PE (Chemical & Environmental)

Tara Sweeney- Assistant Director, Bureau Indian Affairs

North Burbank Unit – CO2 Project
Tracey Evans, CEO Perdure Petroleum, LLC

Tribal Energy Resource Agreements (TERA), An Opportunity for Improved Osage Minerals Regulatory Environment
Wilson Pipestem, Founding Partner Pipestem Law

Things Osage Shareholders Should Know About
Alan Woodcock, Field Solicitor, US Dept of the Interior