Executive Branch

Office of the Chiefs

The Executive Branch is one of the three branches of government within Osage Nation. Two elected officials, Principal Chief and Assistant Principal Chief, share the duties of managing the Executive Branch through their office, the Office of the Chiefs.

The Office of the Chiefs works on behalf of the Osage Nation to improve the lives of all Osage people in a sustainable way through cultural preservation, improved health, educational excellence; increased employment and business opportunities, and the creation of a safe and progressive environment in which to live and work.


  • Maintain or increase funding for core benefits including education scholarships, the Health Benefit Card, Burial Assistance and Financial Hardship Assistance.
  • Re-establish the surface reservation through land purchases.
  • Expand language and retain culture.
  • Develop a comprehensive healthcare system.
  • Promote healthy communities through wellness initiatives and partnerships.
  • Create and develop a premier Osage School system.
  • Create safer communities through strong law enforcement.
  • Improve communication between the City, State and County.
  • Ensure the Osage government is accountable to the Osage people.


  • Develop an improved reporting system and policy to ensure management is kept up to date on usage, trends and remaining funds, allowing for a more proactive approach to keep the funds solvent.
  • Create a tribally-funded program to promote and continue the purchase of fractionated land.
  • Increase the support, promotion and participation in available cultural and linguistic activities, classes, programs and facilities.
  • Increase patient health and satisfaction while decreasing wait times. 
  • Growth in access to and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with healthy living education will show a decrease in negative health factors.
  • Obtain adequate funding from Osage Congress. Maintain stable WELA enrollment. Develop and sustain parent and/or caregiver involvement. The Office of the Chiefs shall work through WELA on all the above.
  • Maintain or increase police presence and response times while decreasing crime.
  • Eliminate the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances in our villages.
  • An initial increase in arrests and counseling/treatment will eventually result in a decrease in arrests and presence and use of illegal substances in our villages and the reservation as a whole.
  • An Osage government that is accountable to the Osage people provides services in a transparent and equitable way, while increasing the people’s general satisfaction with their government.