Gaming Commission Prize & Tort Claims

Prize Claims

If you believe that you have a legitimate claim for an incorrect payment of a prize or the non-payment of legitimate prize at Osage Casino (one not caused by the malfunction of an electronic game), you must:

  1. Immediately contact a supervisor and inform them of the circumstances before you leave the premises.
  2. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, request a Prize Claim form. The patron must fill out the form in full.
  3. Complete the form and submit the form to the Osage Nation Gaming Commission within 10 days of the event giving rise to the claim; or,
  4. You may write a letter directed to the Osage Nation Gaming Commission.

If you choose to write a letter to the Osage Nation Gaming Commission, your letter must provide the following information:

  1. Your name, address and phone number;
  2. The names of any witnesses;
  3. The date, time and place;
  4. The names of Casino staff you contacted;
  5. On a separate sheet of paper, a description of what happened;
  6. The amount you are claiming;
  7. Why the amount is claimed;
  8. The game you were playing, and
  9. The name of your representative, if any.

Tort Claims

Should you be injured while visiting Osage Casino as a result of an action, omission or unsafe condition, unless you are unable, you must immediately notify a member of the staff or a security officer for assistance.

An incident report must be completed by management or security. Unless you are unable, you must fully cooperate by providing all necessary information, including your name and contact information and a full description of what happened as well as the nature of the injury sustained.

If you are unable to provide this information at the time the incident occurred, you or your representative must contact management or the Osage Nation Gaming Commission in writing within 10 days of the event fully describing the nature of injury, whether emergency services, including transport by ambulance, was required; the type of medical treatment sought; and whether treatment is ongoing.

What to Expect

The Osage Nation Gaming Commission will file your claim. All claims for damage arising from injuries sustained at Osage Casinos will be referred to its insurer for investigation and resolution. If your injury is deemed to have been caused by the action, omission, or unsafe conditions, compensation will be provided commensurate to the degree of injury sustained up to the maximum limit of Osage Casino's policy.

Your Right of Appeal

If the claims processes contained in this do not result in a satisfactory resolution of claim, you may appeal to the Osage Nation District Court which will adjudicate the matter.

The Osage Nation Gaming Commission will provide you information about how to file your appeal with the Osage Nation District Court.

What Else Should I Know?

The Osage Nation is committed to providing the patrons of Osage Casino with a safe, exciting, and positive gaming experience. It is also committed to ensuring that all patrons are treated respectfully. The Osage Nation Gaming Commission is a regulatory arm of the Osage Nation. It has been established to not only safeguard the integrity of the Nation's gaming operations, but also to safeguard the interests of its patrons and visitors.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the matters contained in this brochure, you are invited to contact the Osage Nation Gaming Commission for further information.

Contact Information

Pawhuska Office

612 Leahy Avenue
Pawhuska, OK 74056
Phone: 918- 287-5397
Fax: 918-287-3803

Tulsa Office

1211 West 36th Street North
Tulsa, OK 74127
Phone: 918-947-5082


If you have a concern about Osage Casinos and would like to share it, please contact Osage Casinos by phone at 918-699-7600, or, contact us at the Osage Nation Gaming Commission via email.