Assistant Principal Chief R.J. Walker

APC Walker

R.J. Walker was elected Osage Nation Assistant Principal Chief in June of 2022. Assistant Chief Walker has served the Osage Nation Government for twenty years, both as an employee and elected official. He began his service with the Osage Nation in December 2002 after he was hired by the 31st Tribal Council to oversee the Transportation Improvement Program, now known as the Roads Department. During his tenure as the Director of the Roads Department, he successfully guided the department through the process of self-governance. He is a strong advocate for the Nation administering programs and departments that positively impact the lives of Osage People and protects our Nation’s sovereignty. 

In 2012, Assistant Chief Walker was elected to the 3rd Osage Nation Congress and remained in office until being elected Assistant Principal Chief. As a member of Congress, Walker served as chair of most committees and as the 6th Osage Nation Congressional Speaker. Throughout his career, he has championed the expansion of the Nation’s land base. Assistant Chief Walker has a proven track record of efficiently communicating with other Tribal Nation leaders, as well as leaders in state and federal government. Other top priorities include support for education and infrastructure development.

Assistant Chief Walker is the great-great grandson of a former Assistant Chief Louis Bighorse (1920-1922). His lineage includes many others that have served in leadership roles within previous Osage Nation Government and within Osage cultural traditions. Assistant Chief Walker and his wife Kristina live in Pawhuska. They have five children and one grandchild.

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