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In an effort to compile assistance for our Constituents affected by Hurricane Harvey, our Financial Assistance and Constituent Services Departments have come together to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. Follow the links provided to view the full list of information for resources in the devastated area, to start an application for assistance, and to complete a questionnaire to help us improve services. Call 800-320-8742 to speak with a representative.

Hurricane Harvey Assistance Information
Hurricane Harvey Assistance Application
Hurricane Harvey Questionnaire 

MISSION STATEMENT                                                                              

The purpose of the Osage Nation Constituent Services Office is to provide information about Tribal Government initiatives and services offered by the Osage Nation. To improve the quality of life for ALL Osage Constituents by responding to citizen complaints, questions and requests.

It is the goal of this Constituent Services Office to increase and/or improve traditional services of the Osage Nation by connecting citizens with the services they seek and by identifying those areas that need improvement.

The Osage Nation established this Constituent Services Office by receiving and answering requests for information about Osage Nation programs and it’s Government. Such office shall also receive and look into concerns and request regarding the operation of the Tribal Government and its programs.


To provide anyone who contacts the Osage Nation with a seamless service experience that is responsive, easy to use, efficient, and deliver services in a caring manner while promoting a positive image for the Osage Nation.


Burial Assistance

Colors of Remembrance

Community Regional Gathering Fund

Open Records Request Form - Submit completed request via mail to: Attn: Chief's Staff, 627 Grandview Avenue, Pawhuska, OK 74056.


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