Notice of Pandemic Protocol

The following protocols will go into effect, Friday, November 20, 2020 at 8 am and will remain in effect until further notice:

  1. Appointments will be required for all in person services such as genetic testing, in person payments, and document notarization. Please contact (918) 287-5458 to setup an appointment.
  2. When arriving for your appointment, please wait in the parking lot and call (918) 287-5458 for further instruction.
  3. Face coverings and hand sanitizer will be for available on-site for all child support customers while attending their appointments.
  4. For emergencies, please contact (918)287-5458 and an employee will assist you during normal business hours.
  5. When applicable please mail all payments, applications, court documents, and/or program related forms to:

Osage Nation Child Support Services
PO Box 1299
Pawhuska, OK 74056


Child Support Services is a department under the Osage Nation Executive Branch. This agency works in partnership with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and other tribal and state agencies. The primary goal of this agency is to ensure children have the ongoing financial support of both parents by providing a system for payments and disbursements of court-ordered child support. It is our desire to provide custodial parents the information and tools needed to ensure court-ordered child support payments are made and received in a timely manner.

Osage Nation Child Support Service’s mission is to improve the welfare of children by strengthening family responsibilities.

Do you know what services are available at your local child support office? Check out the new video from #OCSEgov to learn more. Also available in Spanish.



Child Support Services Application

Financial Affidavit

Special Power of Attorney

Affidavit of Child Support Paid Directly

Customer Complaint Form



Child Support Services is located at 1333 Grandview Avenue in the Tribal Court Chambers (Round Building), former offices of the Osage Nation Police Department.


  • Increase family stability and self-sufficiency

  • Reduce the need for welfare assistance


  • Locate a parent

  • Establish paternity

  • Establish and modify a court order for child support

  • Enforce a court order for child support


  • Handle divorces

  • Handle custody or visitation matters

  • Give legal advice


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Eastern Regional Child Support Enforcement Association (ERICSA)

National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA)

Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council (WICSEC)


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US Department of Interior Indian Affairs


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