Osage Nation Purchases Adjoining Properties for Minerals Council Use

Press Release
Minerals Council Purchase

OSAGE RESERVATION, OKLA. (October 21, 2021) – Osage Nation purchases adjoining properties from Tedisue Witcraft, Managing Member of Rainbow Oil and Gas, LLC. The properties are located at 616 Lynn Rd. and 520 Mackenzie Rd. in Pawhuska, Okla. Monies from a special appropriation by the U.S. Congress to address plugging orphan wells were used to purchase the properties. 

“I support the Minerals Council on these efforts,” said Osage Chief Standing Bear. “Even though the land title will be with Osage Nation, the sole beneficiaries are the Osage Minerals Council and the Osage Headright owners.” 

Osage Nation Minerals Council will use the properties as storage for oilfield equipment and pipe that have been removed during the plugging process. 

“After we received a list of abandoned orphan wells from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Osage Minerals Council went straight to the United States Congress to request a multi-year agreement to fund this plugging project,” said Minerals Council Chairman Everett Waller. “We will continue to request that the U.S. Government supports us in keeping this plugging program on track.” 

He continued: “Osages are first and foremost environmentalists and this plugging program is unique to Osage Nation. Every abandoned orphan well that is plugged immediately stops the flow of carbon that is being neglectfully released into the world. I want to thank Tedisue Witcraft and my fellow council members for their participation in our efforts.”  

The Osage Minerals Council consists of eight Osage Minerals Council members that serve as the elected governing body for the mineral affairs of the Osage Mineral Estate. To find out more, please visit osagenation-nsn.gov. 

[Image: L to R: Myron Redeagle (Osage Minerals Council Member), Everett Waller (Osage Minerals Council Chairman), Osage Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear, Tedisue Witcraft (Managing Member of Rainbow Oil and Gas, LLC)]