New Osage Nation Executive Branch Organizational Chart Approved

Press Release
Org Chart

OSAGE RESERVATION, OKLA. (May 5, 2022) – On April 26, 2022, Chief Standing Bear’s Executive Order 22-01 approved a new Executive Branch Organizational Chart that includes Osage Nation Cabinet Secretaries, Treasurer, Boards and Commissions, and Section 14 Enterprises. 

Osage Nation Cabinet Secretaries include Administration, Development, Language/Culture/Education, Natural Resources and Public Safety. The Acting Treasurer will serve as the Treasurer until that position is filled in order to remain consistent with the Osage Nation Constitution (per the Osage Nation Attorney General Opinion 2022-01) requiring government efficiency and prohibiting gridlock and inaction. The Boards and Commissions include Cultural Advisory Board, Editorial Board, Election Board, Gaming Commission Board, Health Authority Board, Osage Nation Foundation Board, Tax Advisory Board, Utility Authority Board, and Veterans Memorial Board. The Section 14 Enterprises include Osage LLC, Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise, Osage Nation Home Health, and the newly enacted Si-Si A-Pe-Txa from the Healthcare Reform Act of 2022. 

Healthcare Reform Act of 2022: Si-Si A-Pe-Txa | The Healthcare Reform Act of 2022 (ONCA 21-31), enacted April 25, 2022, creates a new health system under Si-Si A-Pe-Txa (the Healing Place) as a separate enterprise governed by a Board of Directors. Si-Si A-Pe-Txa oversees services provided at the Wahzhazhe Health Center, the Primary Residential Treatment Centers, the Osage Nation Counseling Center, Prevention, Community Health Representative, Public Health Nursing and any other health care services assigned by the Principal Chief and approved by the board of Si-Si A-Pe-Txa.